How To Negotiate Salary

If you work hard and you prepare well, you will eventually find the right job. Sometimes the right job doesn’t have everything you want. Perhaps the right job didn’t come with the right salary offer. Typically, salary negotiations are the last hurdle to employment. You’re negotiating with a company that has decided you’re the person …

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How To Negotiate Salary

How to Handle Workplace Bullying

If you are being bullied at work, you are not alone. As of the date of publication, the Workplace Bullying Institute states that 35 percent of working people in the United States have reported being bullied. Workplace bullies come in various forms, including executives, managers, supervisors and subordinates. Bullying can negatively impact your physical, mental, …

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How to Deal with Negativity at Work

It is certainly understandable that today’s employees would have some negative feelings about their jobs. For many years now companies have been trying to do more with less – downsizing their operations and asking the remaining employees to take on more responsibilities without offering more compensation. But even though those negative feelings are understandable, they …

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5 Ways to Gain Influence at Work

Every experienced manager knows that position does not always equal influence. It’s possible to have an elite position within a company but have little influence over how the business is run. Perhaps you were promoted to a management position by one executive, and then that person was succeeded by someone who is antagonistic towards you. …

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