Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant

Have you been thinking about pursuing a career in the healthcare industry? If you have, you’re a few decisions away from joining a satisfying and a promising career. As long as there are people breathing, there will always be a demand for healthcare professionals. However, the big question is which occupation should you choose? Perhaps you should consider becoming a medical assistant. Granted, there are other traditional occupations like doctors and nurses but you would be surprised to learn that medical assistant positions are one of the fastest growing careers in the healthcare sector. If you’re curious, then you should find out the benefits of becoming a medical assistant. But first, who is a medical assistant?

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Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who are trained to assist physicians or nurses in their daily tasks. A medical assistant can either work in an administrative or clinical capacity. A typical administrative medical assistant will be in charge of office work at the clinic, hospital or physicians’ office doing things like scheduling appointments, organizing medical bills, filing medical records, answering phone calls and welcoming patients. On the other hand, a clinical medical assistant can perform tasks such as drawing blood, collecting medical samples, taking vital signs and recording diagnostics under the supervision of a licensed physician or a registered nurse. It is common to find the responsibilities of a medical assistant vary depending on the job setting and location. Regardless, the benefits of a medical assistant are still the same based on the following reasons.

Why become MA

The training program is short and convenient

Unlike most healthcare professionals; you won’t need to spend a lifetime studying to become a medical assistant. To attain a medical assistant diploma, you will need at least 1 year of training. Additionally, you can enroll in a medical assistant training program and take your classes online. Although there are some healthcare facilities that offer medical assistant training with just high school credentials, you have a higher chance of getting better paying opportunities with formal training.

There is a high demand for medical assistants

Based on the statistics; the medical assistant position is one of the fastest growing occupations. The numbers are quite impressive. In fact, according to BLS, medical assistant jobs are projected to increase by 29 percent all the way to 2026. Hence, you can be rest assured that you will get numerous job prospects after graduating from a medical assistant program and getting certified.

There are a lot of options

Just because you’re a medical assistant, doesn’t mean that you must work in a hospital. You can opt to work in the physicians’ office or reception performing administrative tasks. There are also other places like nursing homes, chiropractors’ offices and assisted living facilities which can fit your services. Besides, there are different positions such as claims examiner, EKG technician, insurance processor, surgical technician, ward clerk and phlebotomy technician that you can apply when you’re a certified medical assistant.

There are career advancement opportunities

A medical assistant job is a rewarding career but there are those who want to advance or switch to a different occupation in the healthcare industry at a certain stage. Once you gain more experience, you can use it to your advantage to progress to other medical-related careers. For instance, you can specialize in medical coding to become a medical coding expert. There are even medical assistants who advance to a nursing career after discovering they like assisting patients through the healing process. If you’re the type that prefers to cover the administrative duties, you can always advance to a healthcare manager.

The working schedule is flexible

Although most medical facilities are open on 24 hours basis, medical assistants can fix a schedule that is convenient for their personal lives. Unlike a specialized physician, it is unlikely that your phone will be buzzing when you’re off during a medical emergency. Hence, the schedule of a medical assistant is predictable. There are other healthcare facilities that medical assistants can work 9-5. It all depends on your arrangement with the employer. Of course, you will be entitled to an administrative leave with salary and benefits intact.

Medical assistants can work anywhere

Medical assistants who are moving to a different part of the country don’t need to worry about re-applying for credentials. As long as you’re a certified medical assistant, you can work anywhere across the country. However, the pay of a medical assistant can vary depending on the location.

The work is satisfying

A medical assistant is a vital member of the medical team. Every day you spend on the job will make a difference in other people’s lives. If you’re a clinical medical assistant, you will be interacting daily with patients from different backgrounds. Sometimes it is the little things like calming down patient’s nerves before a medical procedure that can make that big difference. Even if you opt to work on the administrative side, scheduling appointments, recording medical history and welcoming patients play a crucial role in the running of healthcare facilities.