What You Need To Know About US Marshal

 us marshalA US Marshal helps to uphold the federal justice system.  You need to be a US citizen with verifiable credentials. Your age must be between 21 and 36 years, and you should have a Bachelor’s degree. Here are more details on requirements for US marshals:

Requirements for US marshals are very strict compared to when you get a degree for paralegal jobs. In addition to the requirements stated previously, you should also have at least three years’ work experience along with your bachelor’s degree. To give yourself an advantage during the screening process, you should have an associate’s degree in criminal justice, criminology, or have trained as a forensic psychologist. You also need to have a driver’s license with a good record.

After completing the application form online, if you are accepted you will pass through a very rigorous background screening exercise. This exercise includes a structured interview and several other assessment tests. To pass the physical test, you must be in a very good state of health. Your hearing and vision will be thoroughly examined to ensure that you don’t have any medical condition that will hinder you from performing your duties effectively.

After you are offered a position as a US marshal, you must go through a basic training program for nearly 18 weeks. This program is held at the United States Marshals Service Training Academy in Georgia. It involves rigorous physical training as well as classroom teaching. You will be taught several subjects related to paralegal jobs such as courtroom procedures and court security, as well as firearms training and prisoner search.

After you begin working as a US marshal, you must stay at your first duty station for about three years before you are eligible for transfer. Those are the most important details on requirements for US marshals, but further information can be obtained from the US Marshals official website.