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What is an Ultrasound Technician and What do they Do?

what is an ultrasound technicianWhen it comes to diagnosing, treating and monitoring medical conditions and diseases, an ultrasound technician is an important person. Because of the great need for these types of technicians, it is also a career that is fulfilling and expected to increase in numbers dramatically. In order to learn if this is a career path that you would like to take, learning what an ultrasound technician is will be necessary.

What do they Do?

An ultrasound technician creates images of structures and organs inside a patient’s body. To do this, they rely on a machine that utilizes sound wave technology. With this machine, images and scans are captured of different areas in the patient’s body. These images can then be used to monitor diseases, abnormalities and medical conditions.

This position works alongside other healthcare professionals, such as radiologists and doctors. Along with performing these scans an ultrasound technician will also help to prepare patients for certain procedures that must be conducted. They will also keep track of updating patient records and presenting their findings to the medical team. It is also the technician’s responsibility to maintain the ultrasound equipment.

What does a Typical Day Look Like?

During the course of a day, ultrasound technicians should expect to perform around 10-15 ultrasounds. These usually take place over the course of an eight hour shift. Along with the ultrasound itself, these technicians will also be expected to complete paperwork and documentation for each patient. Interactions with patients, doctors, other technicians and other personnel is also a normal part of the workday.

Keep in mind that this is a position that is constantly on their feet and that will need flexibility when it comes to hours worked. When an emergency emerges, a technician should expect to work overtime. It is not uncommon for schedules to change at the last moment.

Certification and Job Market

For the most part, becoming an ultrasound technician is a fairly speedy process. Most establishments require an Associate Degree in sonography. This process will usually take a couple of years to complete. However, in addition to this, the individual will also need to become certified, which is usually another 12-18 month process.

Currently, the job market is strong when it comes to the need for ultrasound technicians. In fact, it is expected to increase by 46% by the year 2022. This means that there will be a need for over 20,000 new ultrasound technician employees during this decade.

Where do Ultrasound Technicians Work?

There are a number of places that ultrasound technicians may become employed. For example, they may work in hospitals but they may also work in doctor’s offices. Others may work in diagnostic labs or outpatient centers. There are even some ultrasound technicians who work in other healthcare facilities as well. It is even possible for them to be employed in private organizations that provide ultrasounds for pregnant women.

The majority of ultrasound technicians find themselves working in hospitals. This is where the highest need for this position exists. There are also some technicians that are finding opportunities as a traveling or temporary technician, but this is still an emerging market and the future of this type of position is still uncertain.

With the promising future of the job market for this industry, many are finding that becoming an ultrasound technician is a great option for their future. In order to decide if this is the right decision for you to make, be sure to conduct extensive research into the career before making your decision. In order to learn more about this promising field and what you can expect by choosing it as your career, be sure to contact us today.