What Is an Auxiliary Nurse?

If you’re living in the United Kingdom, and desire to work in the medical field, you may want to consider becoming an auxiliary nurse. This type of nurse is an assistant who can work in various settings. Some nursing assistants work in hospitals, others work in medical facilities such as nursing homes and outpatient care centers. While the salary isn’t high, starting your career in the medical field as an auxiliary nurse can be quite valuable.

Auxiliary Nurse Salary

Entry-level positions as an auxiliary nurse pay approximately 15,950 British pounds. Experience can increase the amount that this type of nurse earns, as well as the setting in which he or she works.

Auxiliary Nurse Job Description

As an auxiliary nurse, you would report to a registered nurse, who is your supervisor. Each day, you will come into work and touch base with your supervisor or the registered nurses on duty. You will receive an explanation of the newest patients to the unit and any updates on existing patients.

Auxiliary Nurse SalaryOnce you have the information you need, you will start working with patients. You may need to adjust them in their bed, so they don’t suffer from bed sores. You may have to empty bedpans, give patients a sponge bath, or clean up their room. You may also need to assist a registered nurse during a procedure handing equipment and other needed items to him or her.

At the end of the day, you will need to write a progress note in the chart, which explains what you’ve done for patients throughout your shift. You may also have to report to the registered nurses anything that needs to be done the next shift, so they can ensure that the patient receives what he or she needs and wants.


How to Become an Auxiliary Nurse

The first step in becoming an auxiliary nurse is to search for auxiliary nurse jobs. To do this, visit nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and hospitals to inquire about available positions. You can also check the newspaper and websites online for medical facilities seeking auxiliary nurses.

Once you find a position available, you’ll need to apply by creating a CV. This is like a resume with your education and experience. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have any experience. Include courses you’ve taken that relate to nurses or seek a volunteer position, so you can include that on your resume as well.

A cover letter is also a great way to capture the attention of a hiring manager. Write about the position you found online, in the newspaper, or by word of mouth. Then go into why you would be perfect for this type of position. You need to sell yourself to the hiring manager, so make sure to make yourself shine. Don’t lie though. Lying will only make your life harder when you start working because you’ll be expected to do things they think you can do.

As you’re working as a nursing assistant, it’s beneficial to seek the national vocational qualification (NVQ). This is will help you secure better paying positions and give you more prestige among the registered nurses. You can then proceed to seeking a license, if you choose to advance your career in nursing.

Now that you know all about auxiliary nursing, how do you feel about it for your future? If you see yourself helping patients feel more comfortable and happy, this may be the perfect career for you.

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