Nursing Programs in Washington

Nursing Jobs in Washington (Outlook)

With a large city like Seattle, demand for nurses will continue to rise until the year 2020 and will need more than 25,000 nurses. There will be tons of new employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Choose one of the nursing schools in Washington below to take advantage of this industry expansion.

Quick Virginia Washington Facts

  • state would be short approximately 25,000 registered nurses by 2020
  • Currently there are over 90,850 employed nurses in the state
  • There are currently 42 state accredited nursing programs in Washington
  • Nursing shortage in Washington was 9% in 2000 but it will increase to 42.6% by 2020

Washington Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 54,490
Hourly Average Wage: $35.98
Yearly Average Wage: $74,840

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 9,270
Hourly Average Wage: $22.19
Yearly Average Wage: $46,150

Top Nursing Employers in Washington

  1. Sacred Heart Medical Center
  2. Swedish Medical Center / First Hill Campus
  3. Southwest Washington Medical Center
  4. Harborview Medical Center
  5. Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

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