Using Internet Search to Do Your Job Search

If you’re not using Internet search to look for job opportunities, you may be missing out on many job opportunities. It is a competitive job market, and failing to take advantage of the world’s largest collection of job opportunities makes it far more likely that you’ll lose to the competition. Most businesses now use the Internet as one of their primary recruitment tools. Perhaps of greater importance, you can find way more job opportunities in a short period of time using Internet search than you can in a whole day of traditional job search methods like going through classified ads, calling contacts, or cold-calling businesses.

You can do more than just simple searches for jobs online. There are many sites where you can post your resume for human resources managers to see it. There are professional networking sites where you can exchange information about job opportunities with other professionals. You can research companies and look at specific job openings within companies, rather than doing broad searches for job opening posts.

Beginning Your Internet Job Search

The biggest problems with searching for jobs online revolve around the fact that there are too many job opportunities posted on the Internet. Sometimes these postings do not get removed when the jobs are no longer available. Even among active postings, you could read postings day and night for the rest of your life and still not read all of them. It is important to learn how to focus your searches on sites that are promising and that offer filters to narrow down the job openings by certain factors such as industry, profession, region, and requirements.

In some cases you may wish to narrow your results by doing your search from specific sites that already have a narrowed emphasis on factors such as your industry of expertise, profession, and region. If no such sites exist for you, there are also broader, yet still narrowed, job search engines and classified sites you can use to limit your search to one category. For example, you may want to search if you’re a human resource professional. Teaching professionals, medical professionals, and accounting professionals may benefit from,, and respectively.

While searching the Internet for a job, you shouldn’t rule out the government. The government employs more people than any corporation. In many cases governmental job openings will not be posted anywhere but the Internet. You can go to employment websites for local government agencies and larger government bodies to search job listings. You can also search many of these listings from a regular search engine.

You may still prefer to read your classified ads in a newspaper, but many of these classifieds are now posted on the Internet as well. It may be a lot cheaper and quicker to search the classifieds from your computer.

Job Search

Resume Posting

The Internet has plenty of job search sites and professional networking sites where you can go and post your resume. Many employers also now require you to send your resume through the Internet. Posting a visible resume that many different employers can see may help you to get job inquiries for job openings before they are even posted online.

It is important to have an electronic copy of your resume that has information suitable for Internet viewing and archiving so that you can quickly post it when necessary. You may wish to leave out some of the more personal information that you might include in a printed resume, such as your private contact information. You can create an e-mail address for resume inquiries.

If you have your own website, particularly one relating to your area of professional expertise, and it draws a lot of traffic, you may get some of your best job leads by simply posting your resume on your own website.

Professional Networking on the Internet

Networking as a means of getting the best jobs opportunities has existed throughout recorded history. But these days you no longer have to do extreme things like cozy up to the rich guy at a party you crashed or call on a cousin of a friend to introduce you to someone. You will find many professional networking opportunities on the Internet.

There are sites built around doing nothing but building professional networks in order to advance careers through mutually beneficial relationships. There are many different ways you can go about building a broad network of people in your field and in high government and executive positions on the Internet.

Before You Apply

It is important to not just find job leads, but good job leads. Before you apply for a job, find out a little bit about the company to which you’re applying. You can go to the company website and read mission statements and recent news to get a pretty good idea of what the company is about. You can search for the company name to see what others say about the company and to learn more about whether it is a good fit for you.