Use Social Networking to Develop Your Career

Social mediaPromotion using social media is a good strategy for many individuals to find new employment opportunities. By critiquing each of the three main social networking sites this article offers you the chance to find which site is best able to support their career search. Although other social networking sites do exist, the three most relevant to career building are:

• LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook

1. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has the advantage of being equipped specifically for professional networking. As a result, it can quickly introduce you to an individual within a specific industry or job function. Provided that you have a clear understanding of the requirements of your target position it is possible to leverage your LinkedIn to make contacts and make yourself known among employers. Given its professional tone, however, LinkedIn members typically may typically view a large number of candidates, all interested in a single position or job function. As a result, you should take positive steps to differentiate yourself and emphasize what attributes are unique to you. Summarize your Unique Selling Proposition in the first line of your resume and post it in your profile.

2. Twitter
The British writer Graham Lineham quipped that “Facebook was John the Baptist, Twitter is the real deal.” Given its ability to communicate events as they arise during the day, Twitter can offer a more personal outlet for individuals who want to share their thoughts and actions with the wider world. As employers increasingly seek candidates who can demonstrate personal initiative, it is important to communicate what you are doing on a daily basis. For instance, you can share details about vocational training you are undergoing or events that you are organizing. Twitter comes into its own when used in conjunction with other social networking sites. In order to make the most of Twitter, you should send tweets that demonstrate what a typical week looks like for you. It is thereby possible to add practical detail to the profile displayed on LinkedIn or Facebook.

3. Facebook
Although many have criticized Facebook for allowing employers to view indiscrete details about job candidates, the site can nevertheless be useful in career building. Provided that you are careful not to divulge compromising personal details or obscene photos, the site can enable you to reach a very large network of people. The site’s strength is undeniably its popularity. With over one billion users the site is unparalleled in terms of reach and continues to grow in size and diversity. In order to stand out on Facebook, it is important to enable others to introduce you to potential employers. You should post regularly and mention specific tasks and projects that you have completed. Not only will this show your professional intentions, it will also enable your Facebook friends to tell others about your professional capabilities.

Use a Smart Social Networking Career Strategy
According to Q Wireless, a mobile phone, and social media company, by spending time on social networking sites, it is possible to become acquainted with potential employers and connect with new groups and individuals. By using the strategies described above you can increase your exposure and maximize your chances of coming into contact with companies and individuals who can partner in your future success.