As US Secret Service Requirements Stiffen, Salary Goes Up

Secret Service Requirements…

If you’re interested in a unique law enforcement career that will allow you to interact with dignitaries and high-ranking government officials, the United States Secret Service might be right for you. US Secret Service jobs involve more than just providing security, meaning that there are ample opportunities to work behind the scenes as well.

Possible Career Paths

There are two career paths available through the Secret Service. The first is that of a special agent, which is an officer that provides security to government officials in addition to investigating financial crimes, telecommunications fraud, and cyber crimes. These agents are the ones that provide security details for the President, Vice President and their family members. In all, there are approximately 3,200 special agents working within the bureau.

Secret Service agents can also be assigned as uniformed division officers. These officers also play a dual role in national security; however, instead of providing protection for certain people, they instead provide security for certain government facilities such as the White House and the U.S. Treasury Department. There are approximately 1,300 uniformed division officers.

Secret Service Requirements And Qualifications

Since US Secret Service jobs are highly sought after, the requirements for becoming an officer are very strict. A few Secret Service requirements include:

  • Being a United States citizen
  • Having a Top Secret security clearance
  • Being in sound physical health and having good vision
  • Having a degree and/or formal training pertinent to the job

In addition, there are different experience and educational requirements for the various positions as well. Applicants must also undergo a Secret Service-specific security clearance process, and must also submit to urinalysis testing.


The beginning Secret Service salary is somewhere between $43,964 and $74,891 depending upon the geographic area to which an agent is assigned. In addition, officers will also receive Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) in the amount of 25% above and beyond their locality pay. This LEAP incentive ensures that officers are available to work additional hours, to include nights and weekends, on a regular basis.

Those who are proficient in a foreign language can receive a one-time recruitment bonus that amounts to 25% of the individual’s annual base pay. In order to earn this bonus, individuals are tested in the appropriate foreign language during the application phase. Those who are awarded the bonus will receive it as a lump sum, in addition to their regular secret service salary, once all the required Secret Service training has been accomplished.

US Secret Service jobs will allow people to earn an excellent salary and benefits while also helping to ensure our national security at home and abroad. There is a great deal of competition for one of these positions, and the fact that they are highly sought after means that only the best candidates will eventually be chosen.

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