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Ultrasound Technician Articles

What is an Ultrasound Technician and What do they Do?

what is an ultrasound technician

When it comes to diagnosing, treating and monitoring medical conditions and diseases, an ultrasound technician is an important person. Because of the great need for these types of technicians, it is also a career that is fulfilling and expected to increase in numbers dramatically. In order to learn if this …

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Learn About Ultrasound Technician Colleges, Interview Questions, and Financial Aid

ultrasound technician colleges

If you are just beginning to research ultrasound technician schools, you are probably asking yourself questions such as what are the best schools and what classes are offered? We’ll answer those questions for you, but first, let’s discuss how to select a school as there are several important factors that should be …

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All You Need to Know to Become an Ultrasound Technician

ultrasound technician

If you would like to become an ultrasound technician, here’s all you need to know to work in this great healthcare career. Job Duties Daily responsibilities are usually determined by specialty, but there are some duties that all ultrasound technicians share: Taking a patient’s medical history Operating and maintaining ultrasound equipment Explaining …

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Crunching the Numbers of an Ultrasound Technician’s Salary and More

ultrasound technician salary

Ultrasound technicians have great careers obtaining images of patients’ blood flow, organs, and soft tissues based on a physician’s orders. These images play an important role when it comes to diagnosing a variety of conditions such as cancer and kidney stones. If you are considering this profession as a career, …

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Sonogram Technicians Have a Rewarding Career

Sonogram Technicians

Ultrasonography, more commonly called sonography, is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that produces images of blood flow, organs, and tissues within the body. If you are considering becoming a sonogram technician, here is what you need to know: Job Duties Sonogram technicians are highly trained professionals who place transducers on patients’ skin in …

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What is a Sonogram Technician?

what is a Sonogram Technician

If you are considering a job in the healthcare field, you may be wondering what is a Sonogram Technician or Ultrasound Technician? They are also called diagnostic medical sonographers and they play a key role when it comes to identifying, monitoring, and treating medical conditions and diseases. What is an Ultrasound Exam? …

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What Does An Ultrasound Technician Do On A Daily Basis?

An ultrasound technician, also commonly called a sonographer, performs specialized diagnostics on patients to identify various issues related to organs and soft tissue. The technician is expected to be able to perform a variety of exams and procedures, and they will commonly work alone or with the assistance of a …

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Types of Ultrasound Technicians

Types of Ultrasound Technicians

If you’re looking to start a career as an ultrasound technician, then you are promised a long and exciting career in a very diverse field. There are many paths for ultrasound technicians to follow, many of which are rather obscure. With that in mind, we’re going to examine the different …

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What Is an Ultrasound Technician?

What Is an Ultrasound Technician

Do you dream of working in the health care profession but want to put your new career choice on the fast-track for success? Do you want a job that provides you with good pay, benefits and a flexible schedule? Are you ready to challenge yourself and learn some new, high-tech …

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