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Body Cameras for Police Officers – Will It Create Trust?

Are Police Body Cameras the Answer? Having a career as a police officer is challenging enough without being questioned about your actions leading up to an arrest. In the event of an officer shooting, if there are no witnesses, it is the officer’s word against the victim or victim’s family. …

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Law Enforcement Careers – Choose The Right One

Law Enforcement

Is A Law Enforcement Degree Right For You? Law enforcement degrees have become an increasingly popular choice for those interested in criminal justice and the chance of having a fulfilling and rewarding, lifelong career. As society becomes more technologically advanced, the need for a more sophisticated law enforcement system has …

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Learning What Is Takes T Be a Police Officer Requires Embracing Technology

how to become a police officer

Learning What Is Takes T Be a Police Officer Is Changing… Stepping into a police training academy today, you would see something much different than you would have seen even ten years ago. The police force and its training techniques have changed rapidly along with many advances in theory, technology, …

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