Key Steps To Becoming A Lawyer: GPA, Pre-Law School, LSAT

Steps To Becoming A Lawyer: Best Pre-Law Majors…

What are the steps to becoming a lawyer? If you haven’t entered undergraduate school yet, you are probably considering what the best majors for law school might be. One of the first steps to becoming a lawyer is to ask what does it take to become a lawyer in the first place.

Basic Steps to Become a Lawyer

1. Graduate from high school with a good GPA;
2. Successfully complete undergraduate school;
3. Obtain a high score on the LSAT, and
4. Apply to law schools until you are accepted.

After these stages, graduating from law school and successfully passing the Bar exam will pave the way for your career as an attorney. As you consider the steps to becoming a lawyer, choosing a good major for your undergraduate studies is a key component of increasing the likelihood of success in law school.

Undergraduate Course of Study

In choosing among the various available majors, for law school you want to be sure to choose a course of studies that will prepare you for the rigors of graduate school. Here are a few of the best pre-law schools’ majors that you may want to consider.


English majors are trained to absorb large volumes of material while analyzing them quickly and efficiently; this is excellent prep for law school, where students must quickly locate court orders, statutes and opinions that support a position on a legal matter. English majors also develop excellent writing skills, a necessary skill for attorneys, who spend a large part of their time preparing detailed legal documents. If you’re interested in a degree in English, check out these schools.


Philosophy majors are taught critical thinking and analysis skills to use when approaching a situation. By examining all sides of a situation, they learn how to craft effective arguments for the various positions that might be taken in any particular circumstance. It is of absolute importance for an attorney to see both sides of an issue, as this enables the attorney to anticipate the arguments of opposing counsel in order to prepare to counter those positions. There are a few great schools with philosophy majors here.

Political Science

Many pre-law students consider an undergraduate degree in political science. A political science major will learn the workings of the judicial system in great detail. They will also study history, especially the Constitution, laws and historic court decisions. Having an understanding of legal history, and being able to analyze laws and statutes, are both vital to the practice of law. Political science is perhaps the most common degree for pre-law study. Find out more about available schools here.

There is no one right answer to which major is best for a pre-law student. Some students choose business degrees while others choose economics; some schools are even offering something called a ‘pre-law’ degree. Choosing an undergraduate course of studies in which you can excel is of prime importance as you step onto the road towards law school.

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