Staff Nurse: The Health Hero

Can you picture yourself working in a hospital or medical facility caring for patients and teaching community members about health topics? If so, you may be interested in a career in staff nursing.

What Is a Staff Nurse?

A staff nurse is a registered nurse. This type of nurse provides immediate direct patient care in hospitals and medical centers. Most of the time, the patients these nurses care for are dealing with serious illnesses and diseases. Besides monitoring health conditions, nurses will also assist doctors with surgeries and procedures.

Preventing health problems is another part of a nurse’s job. By educating patients, family members, and community members, a nurse can help people improve their health, which can help decrease illness and risk of disease.

In addition, nurses can serve as a representative for a medical department of a facility. They visit other medical centers to help them implement health programs, and they are speakers at special events to disseminate important information about illnesses, diseases, and health care.

Staff Nurse SalaryStaff Nurse Salary

The average salary of a staff nurse is $46,782. Earnings are dependent on where the nurse works. Nurses working in a hospital typically earn more than in small, private medical facilities. Nurses also earn more working in metropolitan areas as opposed to rural ones.


Staff Nurse Job Description

When a staff nurse reports to work, he or she starts the day speaking with the medical staff on duty. The nurse will also review patient charts, and then visit with everyone on the unit. From this point, a staff nurse will make recommendation for the shift he or she will be working.

Staff nurses work as generalists or specialists. For example, they can work in cardiac intensive care units or in medical surgical units providing general care. Other areas staff nurses work are:

  • Emergency Room
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Operating Room
  • Outpatient Services
  • Pediatrics

It’s also possible for nurses to work with all age groups, such as newborns, adults, and the elderly.

Besides working with patients, nurses can also work with medical professionals. This includes other nurses, doctors, and specialists. The collaboration between nurses and medical professionals is what helps patients recover and maintain their health.

How to Become a Staff Nurse

To qualify for staff nurse jobs, you must seek a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or a diploma from a nursing school. After receiving the degree or diploma, you must seek licensure by taking the NCLEX.

The Glory of Being a Nurse

When you become a nurse, it will be your responsibility to do everything in your power to help people with their health. This is before, during, and after they feel ill.

It’s quite challenging at times to deal with people. There are many different personalities, and not everyone is as cooperative as you would like them to be, especially when it has to do with their health.

However, when you’re able to help people, the feeling you’ll get is indescribable. This reward is enough to keep nurses motivated to continue working in this career for many years. There’s no denying the power of being able to help people regain or maintain their health.