The Sexiest Job within the CIA – Data Scientists

cia data scientists

The Sexiest Job within the CIA – Data Scientists

For the most part CIA agents or officers as some are called, start out working in analytical positions, science, language, and technology positions. These positions are responsible for collecting data and preparing reports for those within the agency that are seeking information on specific individuals, organizations and governments.

For the past five years there has been a big push for scientists and engineers to join the agency to develop and create new technologies to stay ahead of the bad guys.

According to the CIA’s Career and Internship page on their website they are looking for Data Scientist, “Do you have a passion for creating data-driven solutions to the world’s most difficult problems? The CIA needs technically-savvy specialists to organize and interpret Big Data to inform US decision makers, drive successful operations and shape CIA technology and resources investments.”

“The salary associated with this position is $51,900 – $138,134. Minimum Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale as well as initiative, creativity, integrity, technical excellence and strong interpersonal and communication skills. A self-starter attitude, the ability to work independently and in a group, demonstrated initiative, and writing/briefing skills are also required.”

 Who are data scientists and what do they do?

There is a term called “Big Data” and many are predicting it will be the next big thing that may affect how we live, work and communicate with our friends. For example who will manage Amazon’s database that contains over 2.8 petabytes of data?

Today Amazon owns 10% of North American E-Commerce and Amazon’s warehouses have more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools. Who at You Tube is managing and analyzing the 52 hours of video uploaded to its website every minute?

Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil; published an article in the October 2012 Harvard Business Review called, “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” In the article both authors suggested one of the biggest job trends in the U.S. will be managing and collecting data in a more efficient way. According to, data scientist positions have increased by 15,000% from 2011 to 2012.

godzilla data gaintThe new block buster movie Godzilla has hit the movie screens across America and this bigger than life creature seems to be unstoppable. This scenario is playing itself out in large companies across the U.S. and abroad. Godzilla the data giant has become too big and complicated to manage.

Companies are desperate to get their databases under control to work more efficiently and be able to organize and analyze data to help serve their customers and improve their bottom line. Data scientists are part business analysts, part mathematician and part business strategists. These individuals are able to apply the knowledge of mathematics to help businesses tame their data giants.

The CIA, the largest spy network in the world, is also looking for individuals that can tame their database headaches. The agency wants to stay ahead of their enemies with superior spy technologies that give them the upper hand when collecting information.

If you have a desire or passion for biostatistics, engineering, computer science, data programming and mathematics, you should consider furthering your education to become a CIA data scientist. Below is a simple form that will allow you to select an online or traditional school that meets your criteria.

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