Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

After Job Interview Thank-You Letter Example

You should always send a thank-you letter to your interviewer. Thanking your interviewer for taking the time to talk to you is an important tradition that shows your interest. You can write out most of the letter before you even go in for your interviews. Make the letter appropriate for your industry and job skills. After the interviews, just edit the letter as necessary to make it applicable.


The Thank You Letter After Interview 

[Date] [Interviewer] [Company] [Address] [City] [State] [Zip] Dear [Interviewer],

I really appreciated the time you took with me to determine whether I would be the right candidate to meet the needs of your company. I believe I have what it takes to contribute to your company and I hope you’ll find me to be the best choice for the position.

In our discussion you mentioned some plans for your company that involve the position you’re seeking to fill. Your company goals for broad market reach and a move into a greater online outreach into other nations excite me. My experience managing online public relations and media teams could be very useful.

I knew that your company was expanding and developing a strong reputation for customer service, but hearing about your plans for the future and that the role of the position being offered in those plans has me even more excited. I enjoy what I do and this is just the type of opportunity I’ve worked toward over the course of my career.

If there is anything further I can provide to you that would help sway your decision in my direction, don’t hesitate to contact me by the most convenient contact method for you.

Thank-you for again for taking the time to consider me for this position.

[Your Name]

Thank You Letter After Interview

More About the Thank-You Letter

It is surprising how few people take time to send these thank-you letters, even though this has been taught as standard job interview procedure in high schools, vocational schools, trade schools, and universities for several decades. You don’t want to be noticed as the job candidate who couldn’t be bothered to send one. Even if after the interview you don’t feel like a fit for the position, you should still send a thank-you letter. Other positions will open up at that company and you never know how networked the people you speak to are with human resources people in other companies.

Just don’t forget to customize the letter to your profession and the position you’ve interviewed for. Fortunately, word processing software makes it very easy to repeatedly customize the letter for each interview you have. You can save templates for varying positions to make the changes more quickly each time. This should be similar to what you already do to customize your resume and cover letter for each position. A generic letter will be obvious and while typically better than sending no thank-you letter at all, it won’t make you a leading job contender.