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Putting Together a Dental Assistant Resume: Finding Proper Structure So You Stand Out

How your dental assistant resume gets structured plays a major part in how you’re perceived by prospective dental employers hiring dental assistants. Despite this job being very much in demand, you want certain aspects of your resume to stand out so you’re picked above the dozens of others just like you. Much of this comes in how you organize information about what you’ve done before in dental assisting, your education, plus objectives.

The latter above is an essential part of your resume you should never overlook. Far too many eliminate them, but it gives more of an assured mission statement to your dental assistant career. It’s also a way to show a future path to advancement since dental assistants eventually move on to better dental careers.

Your Header

Always place your name first in larger text and in bold. You want your name clearly seen, especially if you have a complicated last name that could cause confusion in small print. If you’re officially certified, don’t be afraid to place a CDA next to your name as an official certified dental assistant. This already creates the impression you’re professional.

Under your name, don’t forget all of your contact information. Make this thorough and include not only your phone number, but also your email and even a website if you have one. Prove you’re open to communication and have a pristine record online. Even promoting your social media pages is acceptable if you’ve kept professional there and posted about dental procedures.

Your Profile Summary

Always start with your profile summary so you show exactly what your job title is. Dental assistants sometimes go under the title of an “expanded functions” dental assistant if you’ve had continued education and more skills than the average. No matter your official dental assistant designation, it’s here where you place your exact skills and what you offer to any dental clinic.

You can sum up everything in one short paragraph that you’ll expand on in the other sections related to experience and education. It’s also a lead-in to something many dentists appreciate: Your career objective if hired.

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What is Your Objective?

Many dental assistant resumes simply incorporate their objective into their profile summary. While you can do this as an option, it’s better to set your objective in a separate section either under the summary or below your section on experience. If you have a unique objective on what you think a dental assistant should do, place it below your summary so it stands out.

Incorporate some of what you’ve done before into your objective so you prove your track record worked successfully in other dental practices.

Listing Your Experience

List all of the places you’ve worked before to gain experience, starting with your most recent. Give the name of the dental practice where you worked, what city and state it was in, your exact job title, and how many years you worked there.

Under each listing, it’s customary nowadays to place bullet points listing what your job duties were. You might have some unique experience from each place that’s valuable to other dental clinics. List those experiences first to make them stand alone.

By using bullet points overall on your resume, you give a better sense of organization and provide detail on what you’ve really done before.

Education and Certifications

It seems many resumes in the past always placed education at the top first. Now, experience matters more than the education. Nevertheless, by placing your dental assistant training and certification listings at the bottom section, you leave the reader with a more fulfilled picture of who you are.

The chronological order of when you had your education doesn’t matter as much, though it’s a good idea to place the word “graduated” in bold and the year it occurred.

Contact us here at Dental Assistant to learn more about how to structure a resume for dental careers. We want you to get noticed when competition continues being strong.