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Physician Assistant Programs in Nebraska

Information on Becoming a Physician’s Assistance

As with many other states in the country, Nebraska requires that all physician assistants be licensed before they can use the title or perform any of the required duties associated with the job. In order to become licensed or even be eligible, one must attend one of several physician assistant schools in Nebraska before submitting an application. The Department of Human Health and Services are who you will submit your application to, as the state of Nebraska heavily relies on the DHS to handle the application process and to grant only the most highly qualified persons a license to work in this field.

Fees and Temporary Licenses

To apply for a license in Nebraska, there is a fee of $150 for the first time. It’s $110 if you’re renewing, which must be done every other year. Nebraska also offers students taking physician assistant programs in Nebraska a temporary license as long as they have passed all their related courses, but have not yet certified with the NCCPA.

Understanding the Certification Process

Getting a certification is an important step to the future of those who are attempting to get a physician assistant’s job in Nebraska. You must have a state license and a certificate from NCCPA to order a license or you won’t be able to practice in the state. So it’s important to make sure you sit for the NCCPA examination.

The NCCPA will issue a Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination or PANCE test, which will grade your proficiency and determine whether or not you are ready to enter the workforce and become certified after training. It will show how well you retained the information learned during classes and the proficiency to which you will apply it in your career.

Once you pass the PANCE test, you are then able to certify as a PA and lets you use the PA-C designation after your name. It means that the PA has been certified, thereby giving them the appropriate credentials.

The certification of the PA-C has to be renewed every 6 years, although you must return to classes to gain a total of 100 credits every two years for continuing education. So, in order to obtain a renewal, you have to have a total of at least 300 credits of continuing education credits. You will also have to pass a Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam.

Understand the Pay Scale

The physician assistant salary in Nebraska is about $83,000 per year. It’s lower than average of other PAs in the country, which is $90,000. These numbers are mostly based on whether or not the employee is working full or part-time. To be considered full-time, you will have to typically work 40 hours of work in a 7-day span. It’s 21 hours for being considered part-time.

The PA salary can be determined by the area in which they are living. Of course, living in a large, metropolitan area will pay more than other Nebraskan towns or cities. Northeastern areas will pay an average of $94,000. So as you can see, it differs depending on what area you’re from.