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Physician Assistant Programs in Michigan

How to Become a Physician Assistant in Michigan

A Physician Assistant is basically anyone that practices any type of medicine when under the supervision of a surgeon or physician. Unlike a standard physician, a PA is only allowed to practice medicine while being supervised by someone else. The following will go into great detail about everything you should know before beginning the process towards becoming a physician assistant in Michigan.

Physician Assistant Requirements

There are two types of requirements that aspiring physician assistants will be presented with, which include education requirements and job requirements upon finding employment. PA’s must go through a lot of education before being able to start a career as one. This education extends all the way to Physician Assistant programs, which take the form of Master degrees. In regards to job requirements, physician assistants will need to be able to manage stress well and must also examine patients and come to a diagnosis from this examination, as well as provide treatment for whatever illness or condition that the examination has discovered.

Is Any Prior Education or Training Required?

As with most other career types in the healthcare industry, there is a ton of prior education and training required for those attempting to become a PA. In order to practice medicine as a physician assistant, you will first need to earn a Bachelor in Science that includes a specialty related to health science or physician assistant training. Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you will still need to apply for a Physician Assistant program. These programs typically take two to three years to finish and will provide you with a Master’s degree upon conclusion of the program.

There are a large amount of physician assistant programs in Michigan for you to choose from. These programs can provide you with a final degree in Health Science, Medical Science or Physician Assistant Studies. However, before being accepted into a Physician Assistant program, you will need to pass Graduate Record Examinations that test you on the skills you’ve acquired over time. When attending any of the physician assistant schools in Michigan, the curriculum you receive will focus on pathology, diagnosis, emergency medicine, surgical techniques and research methods. Before applying to a Physician Assistant program, make sure it’s accredited by the Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant.

Are Physician Assistants Required to Be Certified?

In order to practice medicine in the state of Michigan, all prospective PA’s will need to take the requisite exams that will provide certification. This can be earned by first completing a Physician Assistant program that is accredited.

How Can a Physician Assistant Become Certified?

Once you have earned your Master’s through a Physician Assistant program, you will have the opportunity to take specific exams that will provide you with the ability to become a licensed PA in Michigan. Earning this certification will allow you to practice medicine in Michigan. The exam you will be tasked with passing is the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam. This exam is provided by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. The subject matter of the exam will center around your knowledge of surgical and medical matters.

Is Continuing Education Necessary?

The only way for PA’s to keep their PA-C certification is by obtaining 100 credits of continuing education every two years. You will also need to pass what is known as the Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam once every six years.

Physician Assistant Salary

When looking at a possible physician assistant salary Michigan contains areas that fall below the national average and ones that are above the national average, which means that what you earn depends primarily on where you work. The median salary for fully certified PA’s throughout the state of Michigan ranges anywhere from $95,000 to $100,000, with potential to earn even more.

Physician Assistant Job Duties

Physician Assistant’s in Michigan are tasked with a wide range of job duties, all of which will need to be performed under direct supervision. These duties include reviewing medical histories, conducting physical exams, performing diagnostic tests, making a diagnosis, treating illnesses and injuries, answering questions to both patients and their families, providing medicine, researching treatment options and periodically participating in certain outreach programs.

What Tasks is a Physician Assistant Legally Allowed to Perform?

In the state of Michigan, any tasks that a supervising surgeon or physician performs, a PA is also able to perform. Standard physicians can choose to delegate any type of tasks, but must supervise the PA that is doing them. However, Michigan is one of the few states that allows for PA’s to perform some tasks that are delegated by the physician without direct supervision, which includes such menial tasks as providing topical creams to patients.