What You Should Know About a Phlebotomist’s Salary

Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals who are in charge of collecting specimens such as blood and urine from patients in order for the lab to perform diagnostic tests.

Job Duties

Phlebotomists are well-trained to handle a variety of duties, such as:

  • Disposing of used needles by following laws and facility policies
  • Collecting tissue and fluid samples
  • Drawing blood from capillaries by using heel and fingerstick methods
  • Drawing blood from a patient’s vein by syringe, vacuum tube, or butterfly venipuncture methods
  • Explaining collection procedures to patients
  • Calibrating machines such as those used for collecting plasma
  • Conducting a variety of standard tests including oral glucose tolerance, blood smears, blood culture, blood alcohol, glucose screenings, or peak and trough drug level tests
  • Determining if a blood donor is suitable by taking a health history and vital signs
  • Training other medical personnel in phlebotomy

Phlebotomist's Salary

Phlebotomist’s Salary

Some of the best cities for phlebotomists to work are:

San Francisco, California – This city has one of the highest costs of living in the United States, however, it also offers its residents one of the highest median incomes, especially for healthcare professionals. Phlebotomists take home an average median salary of nearly $36,000.

Fairbanks, Alaska – Phlebotomists who work in scenic Fairbanks, Alaska will earn an average salary of $33,676.

Washington D.C. – There are several great medical facilities in Washington DC, making it a good place to look for a job. Phlebotomists earn nearly $33,000 annually.

New York, New York – As one of the largest cities in United States, it’s no surprise that it’s home to the highest concentration of medical personnel. Due to the fact many of its medical facilities are understaffed, phlebotomists earn nearly $35,000 a year.

Seattle, Washington – The state of Washington has heavily invested into its healthcare system over the last few years. This resulted in better pay for medical professionals, and phlebotomists in Seattle earned an average salary of $32,139 in 2012.

Honolulu, Hawaii – Those who work in Honolulu enjoy beautiful beaches and healthy living as the city is one of the healthiest in America. The state is said to place a high priority on funding its healthcare system, and phlebotomists earned an average salary of $32,615 in 2012.

Chicago, Illinois – Phlebotomists who work in the Windy City are among the highest paid phlebotomists in the Midwest with a median salary of $31,632.

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It’s important to point out that many of these cities have a higher cost of living. If you’re looking to relocate, make sure you factor this into your decision.

Salaries by Employer

There are several settings in which phlebotomists can find employment:

  • General hospital = $19,638 to $40,484 yearly
  • Physicians’ offices = $19,775 to $41,511 yearly
  • Local and state government = $20,000 to $32,970 yearly
  • Federal government = $29,072 to $45,411 yearly
  • Surgery centers and ambulatory care = $24,960 to $40,000 yearly
  • Blood banks = $22,500 to $36,000 yearly
  • Laboratory services = $24,490 to $45,750 yearly

Other Determining Factors

Location and employer are not the only determining factors when it comes to figuring one’s salary:

Experience – Like any career, the earning potential tends to increase by a large margin as a phlebotomist gains years of experience.


While certification is only required by law in Nevada, California, and Louisiana, phlebotomists in other states should still become certified in order to increase their earning potential.


While phlebotomists are only required to earn a short-term certificate which takes as much as twelve months to complete, those who earn an associate or bachelor’s degree are likely to earn a higher salary.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of phlebotomists will grow by twenty-seven percent between 2012 and 2022. The reason for the faster than average growth is due to a greater need for tests for the expanding population, as well as a large number of open positions because of career change and retirements.

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