Parole Officer

Parole Officer Requirements

How to Become a Parole Officer

A parole officer is a person with a unique job in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. Parole officers work to prevent new crimes by convicted offenders who have been released from prison after serving a portion of their sentence. In this career, a parole officer might expect to …

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What is a Parole Officer’s Job Description?

parole officer job description

If you are looking for a fulfilling career and would like to help others, consider becoming a parole officer. They play an important role in the law enforcement community. What is a Parole Officer’s Job Description? A parole officer should not be confused with a probation officer. Probation officers work …

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Parole Officer Duties: Day-by-Day

Parole Officer Duties

As a parole officer, one has many parole officer duties throughout the day, supervising a list of clients and working with many parties to help their parolee. If you are considering a career as a parole officer, here is what a typical day might look like. A Day in the Life of a …

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How much does a parole officer make?

How much does a parole officer make

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for parole officers (including probation officer and correctional treatment specialists) was $48,190 in 2012. But the bottom 10% of those officers earned less than $31,000 that year, while the top 10% had a salary of more than $83,000. So how …

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What does a Parole Officer do Differently from a Probation Officer?

what does a parole officer do

Parole officers and probation officers are often thought of as being the same thing; however, they are actually quite different. Although they perform many of the same functions, parole officers nonetheless have unique duties due to the type of clients they serve. What does a parole officer do differently than …

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Parole Officer Salary: Based on Education, Experience, and Employer

parole officer salary

Having a career as a probation or parole officer can be fulfilling, even financially. But your earnings as a probation and parole officer is dependent on many factors, such as your experience, education, location, your employer, and even your function within your workplace. Therefore, it’s important to consider all these …

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The Requirements for Becoming a Parole Officer

requirements to become a parole officer

Are you thinking about becoming a parole officer? Many find it is a rewarding career, but before you can work in this field, you must complete the following requirements to become a parole officer. Education According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most parole, probation, and other correctional …

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What is a Parole Officer?

What is a Parole Officer

You’ve seen them on the news or in your favorite crime television show, but what exactly is a parole officer? What do they do, and how do you become one? How is their work different from other officers in a police department?Parole officers play an important role within the criminal justice …

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