Everything you could ever want to know about being a paralegal, getting certified as a paralegal, and whatever else you can think of related to the paralegal profession.

What Is The Average Paralegal Salary By Region? Quick Facts…

average paralegal salary

Average Paralegal Salary… Students and professionals that have career aspirations related to law will benefit by looking into the average salary of a paralegal and other related positions in the workplace. Learning about the average salary for a paralegal in different parts of the country can help employers, students, and …

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Don’t Let a NonCompete Derail Your Paralegal Career

noncompete clause paralegal

Don’t Let a NonCompete Derail Your Paralegal Career There is one area of the law that has seen a dramatic sixty percent increase in litigation during the last decade. While this may at first glance seem to be a boon for paralegals, the subject matter of the lawsuits may make …

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Paralegal Certification NYC: How Much And How Long?

paralegal certification nyc

 Paralegal Certification NYC… The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 22,000 paralegals working in the state of New York, and many of them are employed in New York City. Paralegals here are not required to meet any certain educational or licensing requirements in order to work …

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Unique Way To Define Paralegal Education Requirements By Job Type

define paralegal education requirements

Paralegal Education Requirements To become a paralegal, there may be some certain paralegal education requirements placed upon the applicant. In order to define paralegal education requirements, we need to first define which type of paralegal position is desired. Certain types of paralegals need certain types of education; at least certain …

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Paralegal Certificate Programs: University Or Community College?

paralegal certificate programs online

It’s a commitment of time, money, and energy with the hopes of a brighter future on the other end. Two common options that present themselves while researching paralegal certificate programs are community colleges or university certificate programs. Which one is better? Deciding to go through a paralegal certificate program is …

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How Much Does A Paralegal Make During Their Career?

How Much Does A Paralegal Make? This is a common question among those considering the field. The answer will vary depending on your experience, location and specialization if any, but the following is a good example of how you might expect your career and corresponding salary to change over the …

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Is A Paralegal Internship Paid?

Is A Paralegal Internship Paid? Students interested in a paralegal internship typically have several important options to consider. Whether the student is looking for a paralegal internship in NYC or in smaller towns like Gainesville, there are a few common factors that need to be covered and evaluated. One of …

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What Are Some Paralegal Duties And Responsibilities?

Types Of Lawyers

What Are Some Paralegal Duties And Responsibilities? Paralegals perform a variety of duties to provide support in the legal field. They typically work for law firms, courts, corporations, or other government entities. Often behind the scenes, they are entrusted to ensure legal matters are handled properly. Basic Paralegal Duties Depending …

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Online Paralegal Degree: Super Convenient Or Waste Of Money?

online paralegal degree

Online Paralegal Degree: Super Convenient Or Waste Of Money? When it comes to earning a paralegal degree, you have the option to study online or in a traditional classroom setting. There are some advantages and disadvantages of an online paralegal degree that need to be carefully considered before deciding which …

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Is Paralegal Certification Online Possible?

Average Pay For Paralegal

Is Paralegal Certification Online Possible? To gain employment as a paralegal, at a minimum, most law offices require a degree in paralegal studies or certification in paralegal studies. Obtaining paralegal certification online for a degree in paralegal studies has become a recognized educational approach. Should the paralegal applicant already have …

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