Everything you could ever want to know about being a paralegal, getting certified as a paralegal, and whatever else you can think of related to the paralegal profession.

What are the Advantages of Becoming a Certified Paralegal?

certified paralegal

Paralegals play an important role in any legal proceedings by performing research, preparing documents, gathering evidence and a host of other tasks. They work behind the scenes to ensure cases flow smoothly from start to finish. Although certification is not required in order to work as a paralegal, it can …

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What Can A Paralegal Do?

What Does a Paralegal Do

If you have ever interacted with a law office or lawyer, you have mostly likely met or spoken to a paralegal. But what does a paralegal do on a day-to-day basis? How does a paralegal also differ from another? Here’s a summary of their work and their skills. General Duties Across the board, …

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What are the Requirements to Become a Paralegal?

Requirements to Become a Paralegal

Would you like to work in the legal field, but do not wish to become an attorney? Then consider becoming a paralegal. This job offers a lot of variety with day-to-day tasks that should make your workday go by quickly. But before you can find work in this exciting career, you …

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Paralegal: Basic Job Description

Paralegal Job Description

A paralegal works with an attorney, but what makes them different? What duties does a paralegal perform, and how do you become one? Here are some of the most important duties a paralegal would complete, and how to get a job working as one in a law office. Paralegal Job …

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What is takes to be a Paralegal

Types Of Lawyers

What is takes to be a Paralegal If you’re looking to be a paralegal, you will be wondering what route to go down to get there. We’ve put together this quick blog to give you some ideas. In order to be a paralegal you must have graduated from high school, …

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The Benefits of Paralegal Jobs


The Benefits of Paralegal Jobs Paralegal jobs are some of the most varied, fulfilling and exciting career options available to the legally minded in the USA today. A paralegal is a vital part of any solicitors firm, in fact for every 100,000 qualified solicitors there are roughly 200,000 paralegals and …

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Paralegal Schools & Accreditations – Be on Guard

Regional verses National College Accreditation for Paralegal Schools So you’re considering a degree in paralegal studies to further your education. You would like to be responsible with your money so you are searching all options regarding paralegal schools, universities and online schools. Surprisingly, a larger number of people wanting to …

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How Long Does It Take To Be A Paralegal: Two Distinct Paths

how long does it take to become a paralegal

How Long Does It Take To Be A Paralegal: Two Distinct Paths Job outlooks suggest that paralegals will be in high demand for the next several years. The total number of legal jobs since September of 2014 according to the U.S. labor Deportment, stands at around 1,133,700. That’s an increase …

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Paralegal Schools in New York

Paralegal schools in New York

Some law firms take into account the school you graduated. Fortunately, there are many reputable paralegal schools in the state. Top schools include Everest University, Keiser University, as well as online programs offered by Kaplan and Fortis College. These programs equip the student with skills needed for paralegal work such …

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Paralegal Career Outlook For Beginners and Experts

Paralegal and legal assistant population by state statistics

In this article, we will go through the future of paralegal job and try to give a brief overview on how to plan your future paralegal career. In contrast to the entry level legal jobs, paralegal job offers a promising future if you plan to follow this path for a …

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