Everything you could ever want to know about being a paralegal, getting certified as a paralegal, and whatever else you can think of related to the paralegal profession.

What Is a Paralegal Job?

What is ”Paralegal” definition according to legal dictionary? The North American paralegal definition in the legal terminology is “a person trained in subsidiary legal matters, but not fully qualified as a lawyer”. Simply put, this means that a paralegal is a person who has knowledge or work experience pertaining to legal concepts and substantive legal …

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What Is a Paralegal Job?

Paralegal Certification

Benefits of Certification and Education Paralegal education will aid in your chance of being hired to be an assistant to an attorney. It will also help you to stand out from the other candidates applying for the same position. Getting certified also means that you will be making a higher income and will also have …

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Paralegal Certification

What Is Takes To Be a Paralegal? A Four-Step Approach

How To Become A Paralegal: A Four-Step Approach There are many paths that can lead to a paralegal career.  We’ll examine four of those paths here:  On-the-job training, associates degree, certification and bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. On the Job Training In most states, there is no licensure requirement or certification. An individual can become …

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How To Become A Paralegal