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Paralegal State Requirements

Paralegal Programs in Oregon – Salary and Certification

There is a high chance for a successful career as a paralegal in Oregon. A paralegal is a professional that performs non-clerical, substantive legal work under the administration of an attorney-at-law. Most paralegals complete a paralegal degree in order to be hired or have had extensive formal training and work …

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Paralegal Programs in Texas – Salary and Certification

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It is relatively easy to become a paralegal in Texas comparing to other states. Any attorney may hire someone to do this work. In fact, over 50%, of practicing paralegals, received on-the-job training according to the 2010 State Bar of Texas Department of Research and Analysis Report. This same report …

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Paralegal Programs in Michigan – Salary and Certification

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, the demand for paralegals will grow by 15% through 2020. This astonishing growth is spurred on by a burgeoning population which requires legal services. Most of the newly trained paralegals will be employed by private law firms. Many employers are also taking in …

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Paralegal Programs in Florida – Salary and Certification

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Prior to the Florida Supreme Court adding Chapter 20 to its Rules Regulating the Florida Bar and outlining a set of rules and regulations for becoming a registered paralegal in November 2007, there were no specific guidelines for becoming a paralegal in Florida.  A law firm could hire anyone they …

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Paralegal Programs in Colorado – Salary and Certification

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A lawyer typically assumes final legal responsibility, but paralegals do many of the routine tasks that they perform. These professionals have a supportive role. This career usually takes a college education to start, and paralegals enjoy many of the benefits of being a lawyer without all of the risks. Becoming …

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Paralegal Programs in Washington – Salary and Certification

A paralegal or legal assistant is a trained professional offering support services to lawyers, judges and the legal departments of corporations. Although paralegals do some of the work that lawyers do, they are not allowed to offer legal advice or practice law. For those looking for a career, there is …

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Paralegal Programs in California – Salary and Certification

California, like all other states, does not license paralegals. However, to become a paralegal in California, a person must hold a certificate or degree. Students find the time and effort they invest in their education worth it. Certificate or Degree? In 2000, California decided to semi-regulate this industry. The state …

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