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Paralegal State Requirements

Paralegal Programs in Wyoming- Salary and Certification

Paralegals, or legal assistants, are an important part of the legal profession. The lawyer’s work requires a ton of research and preparatory work, and the paralegal assists in the research and investigations for legal cases, organizing evidence and preparing the legal documents needed. They may accompany lawyers to court and …

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Paralegal Programs in West Virginia – Salary and Certification

The roles and duties of a paralegal go beyond being an assistant to a lawyer. According to the American Association for Paralegal Education, paralegals are trained to perform substantive and procedural legal work which can also be performed by an attorney in their absence. Paralegals gain their knowledge through education, …

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Paralegal Programs in Vermont – Salary and Certification

If the legal profession interests you but attending school for eight or more years does not, consider becoming a paralegal. Learn what it takes to become a paralegal in Vermont and what you can expect in terms of duties, salary and training. Paralegal Requirements According to the National Federation of …

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Paralegal Programs in Utah – Salary and Certification

In 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 2,000 people in the state of Utah were working as paralegals. Moreover, paralegals represented about one quarter of all legal professionals in the state of Utah. So this is clearly a popular profession for those in Utah, but how …

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Paralegal Programs in South Carolina – Salary and Certification

Introduction In the recent past, the demand for paralegals in institutions has increased tremendously. Paralegals can work in any sector of the economy that needs their services. In South Carolina, areas such as healthcare, corporate law, and litigation have had a high demand for paralegals. However, law firms offer a …

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Paralegal Programs in Rhode Island – Salary and Certification

Rhode Island Paralegal Careers Paralegal Requirements And Duties A career as a paralegal can work out great for people who are fascinated by the legal field. A professional who is employed as a paralegal takes care of duties and responsibilities that can help attorneys do their jobs better and more …

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