Is A Paralegal Internship Paid?

Is A Paralegal Internship Paid?

Students interested in a paralegal internship typically have several important options to consider. Whether the student is looking for a paralegal internship in NYC or in smaller towns like Gainesville, there are a few common factors that need to be covered and evaluated.

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One of the most determinant factors in students’ placement it’s the quality of the paralegal internship cover letter that is submitted. A good cover letter is especially important for students that are interested in a paid paralegal internship. Fortunately, there are a several choices available to graduate law students and undergraduates surrounding nearly every mid-sized community.

Students should consider all of the available options before making any final decisions as to whether a paid or unpaid internship is best.

Students should anticipate that almost every paralegal internship out there will most likely not be paid. Unpaid legal internships are still an important asset for students that need to gain the necessary skills to succeed throughout the rest of their working career. Recently, legal internships that provide hands on experience are becoming a more common component in paralegal programs offered by educational institutions in the U.S.

In all actuality, many employers expect paralegals to complete at least one internship before receiving their degree. Whether they are paid or not, internships can help law students and undergraduates define a clearer path for their professional career.

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Paid internships for paralegals are actually quite rare. The pay for these internships is typically a stipend that averages from as low as minimum wage to as high as $12 per hour. Students should consider the quality of the internship or the institution, opposed to getting caught up on the monetary compensation provided on the side.

The real benefit of legal internships is the invaluable real-time experience in the workplace, the credits towards completing a degree and the respect earned from potential employers. Often times, employers’ deciding factor to distinguish potential candidates or employees are the internships on the resume.

The internet really is the best way to find the internships that meets a paralegal’s specific needs or goals. Searching the internet is one of the most effective ways to find specialty groups that have unique programs. These niche legal internship programs are also typically more flexible, and are also more likely to acquiesce to the extenuating circumstances that students typically experience.

Many legal students are actually able to secure long-term career stability by before they graduate by receiving anl offer of employment from the group they intern under. Organizing a list of priorities should be one of the first steps for students that are trying to find the legal internship that is the best fit.

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