Is Paralegal Certification Online Possible?

Is Paralegal Certification Online Possible?

To gain employment as a paralegal, at a minimum, most law offices require a degree in paralegal studies or certification in paralegal studies. Obtaining paralegal certification online for a degree in paralegal studies has become a recognized educational approach.

Should the paralegal applicant already have a degree in another discipline, they can obtain paralegal certification online through a paralegal studies program.

Universities such as Duke University and the University of Texas offer online programs toward this degree.


When asking is paralegal certification online possible, some clarification may be required. Accredited online paralegal certificate programs are available. These programs allow someone with a degree unrelated to the legal field obtain the necessary education to perform paralegal duties. These certification programs can be completed more quickly than a degree program.

And No…

In addition to a college degree, the paralegal can make themselves more attractive to potential employers and be more competitive in the market through a paralegal certification from one of the following professional organizations:

paralegal certificate onlineEach organization requires the following basic eligibility markers:

Each of these organizations administers certification testing at designated sites. Online registration is available with some organizations offering online study groups. However, obtaining a professional certificate must be accomplished by sitting for the exam and achieving the required score. Applications for each organization have different eligibility requirements. There is a fee for taking these exams.

A Higher Level Of Expertise

Working as a professional paralegal does not require certification from a professional organization. In some firms, administrative support staff members can work their way up to the position of paralegal. However, obtaining certifications from one of these professional organizations provides evidence of fitness for more responsible positions.

So Is Paralegal Certification Online Possible?

It is possible to obtain a paralegal certificate online from one of many schools offering programs in paralegal studies. When selecting the school, give consideration to whether it is an approved ABA certification online program. A degree or certificate from such a school accomplishes more than just education. Obtaining a certificate from one of the paralegal organizations is less complicated when the academic degree or certificate is from an ABA approved school.

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