Nursing Programs in Oregon

Nursing Jobs in Oregon (Outlook)

With a large city like Portland, the state of Oregon is in desperate need for nurses as the state is expected to experience a huge shortage of nurses by the year 2020.  This shortage will spark more jobs and also come with many great job benefits and a huge salary.

Find one of the 5 best nursing schools in Oregon to obtain your degree or certification to become a state licensed nurse.

Quick Oregon Nursing Facts

  • Creating programs like the N2K Nursing Education Program to deal with the nursing shortage
  • Currently there are over 51,000 employed nurses in the state
  • There are currently 23 state accredited nursing programs in Oregon
  • The shortage of nurses is suppose to rise by more then 46% by the year 2020

Oregon Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 30,960
Hourly Average Wage: $37.12
Yearly Average Wage: $77,220

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 2,760
Hourly Average Wage: $22.46
Yearly Average Wage: $46,720

Top Nursing Employers in Oregon

  1. Oregon Health & Science University Hospital
  2. Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center
  3. Salem Hospital
  4. Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center
  5. Providence Portland Medical Center

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