What are your Objectives in Becoming a Medical Assistant?

he healthcare industry is growing dramatically and is a great place prepare for a career today. Just in the past decade, the healthcare industry added 2.6 million jobs nationwide.  Healthcare industry is definitly on the rise in the U.S., according to a report from the Brookings Institution.

The healthcare sector’s 22.7 percent employment growth rate over that period significantly outran the 2.1 percent employment growth quota in all other industries. Healthcare employs about 14.5 million people and accounts for 10.3 percent of jobs in occupations that span most other industries.

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An important segment of the healthcare industry is the job of medical assistant.  Medical assistants are essential for clinical and administrative roles in hospitals and healthcare facilities. This position is highly sought after, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 29% growth by the year 2022.

To qualify for this position you need a post-secondary certificate. It is not necessary to have a full college degree. The important characteristics are staying calm under pressure, good in interpersonal skills, and knowledgeable in basic medical technology.

As fast as the field is growing, so is the competition for the jobs. What makes you stand out is a well written and well thought-out resume in addition with a clear objective in mind about what you want out of your career.

What is your medical assistant objective?

An objective is important for several reasons. It  strengthens your position with a future employer in that you are clear about why you want a specific job. Not all medical assistant jobs are the same. Your tasks and responsibilities will be different in a hospital setting, physician’s office or outpatient clinic. In some circumstances you may be required to provide administrative and clinical assistance to a facility or an office and are sometimes even required to manage phlebotomy and x-ray tasks. Your tasks could involve managing administrative and operational responsibilities of a medical facility or be the liaison with insurance companies.
medical assistant objective
You wouldn’t want to write an objective for a hospital when interviewing for a doctor’s office. While you may interview for several positions, you will need to have more than one resume and objectives while on your job search.

Employers want people who are careful. The right hire–and the right job for you–are equally important. Which is why having a clear objective is so important for you and your potential employer.

Choosing the right objective

When thinking about your new job and how to phrase it, spend some time looking at job descriptions. This will help you in framing your objective. Below are some samples for different medical assistant job objectives with examples here from Cover Letters and Resumes.com:

  •  To obtain a position with the X medical center where I can utilize my  clinical skills in an environment that will help both  patients and  healthcare providers.
  •  To gain employment at X Hospital in a position that will allow me to  work with a healthcare team in providing superior administrative and  clinical support.
  •  To gain full-time employment at X Hospital in a manner which will  allow me to utilize my time management and organizational skills  while also giving me opportunities to interact directly with patients in  need.
  •  To find a position that will fully utilize my detail oriented skills  and communication and experience, and my passion for  helping  those in need in a way that will advance the healthcare goals  of the X Center.
  •  To earn a full-time permanent position at X Hospital in a role that will  allow me to advance the company goals through my medical  assistant and administrative skills.
  •  To utilize my certification and education in a role at X Clinics  that will  combine my desire to assist patients with my experience as  an  assistant and administrator.
  •  To make a positive impact at Southern Minnesota Health Center in a  position that will allow me to utilize my time  management skills, and  my clinical knowledge.
  •  To help X Clinics help patients in a way that fully utilizes  my skills as  a professional medical assistant while also providing an  opportunity  for new professional goals and personal growth.
  •  To use my years of experience as a medical assistant in a way that  will help X Center meet the needs of patients and  healthcare  providers through improving organization, communication,  and  overall assistance within the hospital.

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