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Add to Your Skills With Accelerated Nursing Programs

Accelerated Nursing Programs

With the extremely high demand for nurses, it should not be surprising that there are many accelerated nursing programs popping up across the country. This is one of the highest paying careers you can get into with only a small investment of time and money in your education. However, these …

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Free NCLEX Review Resources: Apps (Part 3)

Welcome to the second week in this series of posts called Free NCLEX Review Resources.  As a nurse health writer/researcher, I’m always looking for free nursing related resources. Over the past month, I’ve spent several hours searching through podcasts, nursing websites, and nursing/medical apps. I admit I was a bit …

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NCLEX Review Resources: Podcasts (Part 2)

Passing the NCLEX exam

Welcome to the third week in this series called Free NCLEX Review Resources. If you are a nursing student or recent nursing school graduate looking for ideas on how you can prepare for the NCLEX–in a cost-effective way–then you came to the right place! For the first week in this series …

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NCLEX Review: Free Quizzes and Tests (Part 1)

Congratulations! If you are a nursing student or recent nursing school graduate you have come to the right place. Here you will find FREE resources you can use to prepare  for the NCLEX. This is important because although you are excited to take the next step to become a nurse, …

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Getting Your Nursing Diploma

There are many ways to kill a cat. So to speak. You’ve probably read my articles here on the different degrees to take to land you a career in nursing. Now we are down to one – the Diploma in Nursing. This article will focus on the nature of the …

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The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program

There are three major educational paths to obtain the title Registered Nurse: ADN, BSN, and Diploma in Nursing. This article will focus on the ADN program, its difference or similarities with the other degrees, career opportunities, and roles transition. What is ADN? In response to the nursing shortage experienced after …

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The Importance of Attending Nursing Conferences

In today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment your career and level of patient care depends on your ability to further your education and skills. One way you can extend your knowledge and enhance your skills is through attending and participating in nursing conferences. You can start with your state nursing association’s …

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Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Nursing

masters in nursing

After graduating from your BSN, you might consider pursuing a specialization in nursing. This can be achieved through getting a master’s degree. Requirements Master’s degree in nursing has evolved through the years. Early on, it is called post-graduate education and the areas of studies were on public health, education or …

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Exploring the BSC Nursing Degree

Nursing is a noble profession. One does not only need to have the caring attitude and the desire to help the sick but also the necessary education about medical science, disease process and medication administration, human behaviour, interpersonal relationship and many more. There are many programs to attain an education …

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