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Get the Most Out of a Traveling Nurse Position

Traveling Nurse

Despite the high pay and opportunities to mix with many different cultures, many traveling nurses have low job satisfaction. This may happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the low job satisfaction is because they don’t get assigned to places they want to go or they have to …

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The Role of Nurses in Organ Transplants

In light of the recent news pertaining a 10-year-old girl in Philadelphia with cystic fibrosis awaiting a lung transplant, I am going to write about the role of nurses in organ transplantation. Now, the whole story has brought much attention to the regulations of organ transplantation, but I decided not …

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Nurse’s Guide to Stethoscopes

Components of an acoustic stethoscope.

Nurse’s best ally in the clinical area is the ever dependable stethoscope. This tool of the trade has proven its value whenever nurses perform a physical assessment to patients. It’s like you can’t go to work without it. This indispensable equipment has become a major status symbol for doctors and …

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Maintaining Effective Communication With Patients

Forensic Anthropology

One of our best tools as nurses is communication. And in my experience, communication is both an art and a skill that must be mastered. Remember, that we have to deal not only our patients but also their families, the doctors, and other healthcare professional involved in his/her care. Just …

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Effects and Strategies to Address Nursing Shortage

Nurses are always considered the front liners in any healthcare setting. American Nurses Association (2011) has reported the total number of licensed registered nurses in the US to be at 3.1 million. This number represents the nursing profession to be the largest congregation of health care professionals in the USA. …

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Systems Applications in Use by Nurses

Systems applications in use by nurses

Nursing Informatics have proven to be beneficial to a nurse’s work. The moment the nurse begins the day’s work in the hospital she/he is able to interact with different system applications that is related and relevant to patient care management. This article will deal on the different system applications that …

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Preventing Falls in the Older Adult

Preventing Falls

Statisticians project that the number of Americans over 65 years of age will nearly double by 2025. The increase in the aging population will result in a greater demand for nurses, rising health care costs, and medical management of increasingly complex conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) …

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Interview with Gail Sobtkin a Medicaid Services Nurse


As a nurse, whether you are providing direct care to a patient, educating a new class of nursing students, or teaching a CPR course you are working to improve the health of those you serve. Nurses can be consultants to an insurance company, pharmaceutical representatives, diabetes educators, or nurse researchers–among …

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Residency Program in Nursing: Do You Think You Need One?

residency program in nursing

You have survived nursing school and is now ready to face the music! But wait….. Are you sure about this? The moment you received your RN title, you are very eager to find yourself a job and start your journey in nursing. Somehow, there is this feeling of ambivalence in …

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A Look into the Future of Nursing: Issues, Topics, and Trends for 2015

Where is the nursing profession headed in 2015? This question is not just on the minds of practicing nurses, nursing educators, and nursing students but also important to individuals considering a second career and political organizations fighting for access to health care for all Americans. Nursing leaders are gathering together …

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