Nursing Careers

What is Telemetry Nursing?

Telemetry Nursing

Telemetry nurses generally provide care to patients who have heart failure, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, and other acute conditions, and they are responsible for monitoring and operating equipment such as an electrocardiogram. Job Description Telemetry nurses are trained to handle several tasks such as: Administering medication orally or intravenously Answering patients’ …

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What You Need to Know about Becoming a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

A women’s health nurse practitioner diagnosis and treats a variety of health problems that are either specific to women or more common. Job Description Depending on employer and state regulations, these nurses may have the following duties: Diagnosing, treating, and helping patients manage both acute and chronic illnesses Conducting physical exams …

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What are the Different Types of Advanced Practice Nurses?

Advanced Practice Nurses

Advanced practice registered nurses are those who have obtained a post-graduate degree in the field of nursing. There are four different types of advanced practice nurses: Nurse Practitioners These nurses treat patients who have a variety of conditions such as depression and diabetes, and in most states, they can prescribe non-narcotic …

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RN Case Managers Ensure Quality Patient Care

RN Case Manager

A RN case manager works to guarantee prompt and efficient healthcare services to patients during their stay in a medical facility. Job Duties and Responsibilities Acting as a liaison between physicians, patients, and other providers Evaluating test results and other procedures to determine if they are effective Supervising the licensed practical nurses …

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Do You Want to Work As a Private Duty Nurse?

Private Duty Nurse

Private duty nurses care for one patient at a time. The patient can range in age from newborn to elderly, and treatment can be provided in the patient’s home (most common), hospital, assisted-living facility, or nursing home. Job Duties Their job duties depend on the needs of their patient, such as: …

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Learn all About Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Psychiatric nurse practitioners serve as primary care mental health providers, and they play a large role in helping patients regain mental wellness. Job Duties Also called mental health nurse practitioners, they are specially trained to handle patients who are aggressive, disoriented, or uncoordinated, and specific job duties include: Diagnosis – …

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Is Perioperative Nursing Right for You?

Perioperative Nursing

If you’re looking for a great career that allows you to work in an operating room without having to spend years in medical school to become a surgeon, consider the field of perioperative nursing. Job Duties Perioperative nurses assess patients, provide preoperative and postoperative education, monitor a patient’s condition, and …

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Discover Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nurses help patients in drug rehabilitation, neurology, and orthopedics to attain and maintain maximum function. There are three types of rehabilitation nurses: Drug and Alcohol – These nurses help patients who struggle with addiction. They monitor patients who are going through withdrawal and teach them how to prevent relapses. Drug and …

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Triage Nurses are Valuable Members of a Healthcare Team

Triage Nurses

Traditional triage nurses work in a hospital’s emergency room and are responsible for assessing patients when they first arrive. Job Duties They do this to determine the order patients are seen by a physician, and their job duties include: Taking a patient’s vital signs Determining symptoms Taking blood Ordering x-rays Entering patients’ information …

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What is a Student Nurse?

Student Nurse

Student nurses practice what they learned in the classroom by participating in clinical rotations that are supervised by a nursing instructor. The scope of practice is limited, and they need approval before administering care to patients. Job Duties Student nurses have a variety of day-to-day responsibilities such as: Obtaining Health Histories …

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