Nursing Programs in North Carolina

Nursing Jobs in North Carolina (Outlook)

The demand for nurses is expected to grow in North Carolina due to the development seen in the medical industry.  This demand will bring in more employment for nurses as well as higher salaries.

There are several great nursing schools in North Carolina for individuals who are seeking education to become a nurse.

Quick North Carolina Nursing Facts

  • The city of Durham has the six highest concentrations of registered nurses in a metropolitan area
  • Currently there are over 150,000 employed nurses in the state
  • There are currently 77 state accredited nursing programs in North Carolina
  • Nursing salaries have risen every year since 2007

North Carolina Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 91,300
Hourly Average Wage: $29.31
Yearly Average Wage: $60,960

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 17,420
Hourly Average Wage: $19.65
Yearly Average Wage: $40,870

Top Nursing Employers in North Carolina

  1. Duke University Hospital
  2. Forsyth Medical Center
  3. North Carolina Baptist Hospital
  4. The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
  5. Carolinas Medical Center

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