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NCLEX Review: Free Quizzes and Tests (Part 1)

Congratulations! If you are a nursing student or recent nursing school graduate you have come to the right place. Here you will find FREE resources you can use to prepare  for the NCLEX.

This is important because although you are excited to take the next step to become a nurse, you are probably looking for ways to reduce the amount of money you are spending to start your career. Well you can relax because after the high cost of paying for textbooks, tuition, and fees you’ll be glad to know that there are many NCLEX review resources you can find that are absolutely and truly FREE!

These FREE resources range from online quizzes and nursing tests, apps, and podcasts and here we will take an in-depth look at each in a series of posts called Free NCLEX Review Resources. The resources you’ll uncover in this series may be all you need to prepare for the NCLEX–and best of all it won’t cost you a dime.

This week I’ll provide a short description of each site along with a direct link to the online tests and quizzes so you can conveniently locate what you need–when you need it.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can start preparing for the NCLEX today! Let’s begin this series with a look at the variety of FREE quizzes and nursing tests you can find online!

Online Quizzes and Nursing Tests

  1. Learningnurse.com is a great place to test your knowledge. Here you’ll find 162 online nursing quizzes with over 11,000 questions. This site should keep you busy reviewing anatomy, disease, and medical terminology. In addition you’ll find 17 body systems function quizzes along with quizzes to test your microbiology skills. After you review the basic body systems quizzes there are items to test your nursing knowledge such as the nursing process quizzes (e.g. assessment and diagnosis) and critical thinking questions designed to test your knowledge of specific diseases and health disorders. But that’s not all! There is also a section of quizzes on different patient symptoms such as coughing, diarrhea, dyspnea, dizziness, and fatigue. And if that batch of tests isn’t enough there are multiple quizzes under specific diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental health and the assessment and management of pain. For all the students who need to review medication administration, dosage calculations, and how to prevent medication errors there is an entire section devoted to improving these skills. Last but certainly not least, there is a variety of items on professional nursing skills, competencies, and managing difficult patients. From basic medical terminology to competency issues related to nursing practice this site is full of free resources for nursing students.
  2. Scrubsmag.com has several online quizzes to help you review basic nursing knowledge. The first link provided here tests your knowledge of lab values, drug dosages, and drip rates. Find out how well you know basic lab values for potassium, calcium, blood glucose, and blood urea nitrogen and more in just a matter of minutes! Don’t forget to check out the additional quizzes they offer on this site. One of my favorites is the quiz on drug calculations. If you are interested in taking this quiz you can find here!
  3. Quizlet is one of my all time favorite online quiz sites for nurses. I like this site because you can design the test questions in a variety of ways. For example, visual learners can review oxygenation in study mode through flash cards, while auditory learners can review the same material by typing in what they hear in the audio powered presentation. You can also practice spelling the medical terms or set the quiz to game mode and play a game to help you retain the information! For a complete list of categories just type the word nursing in the search box at the top of the website. You’ll be amazed at the array of subjects you will find here. One look at the 100 pages of nursing quizzes ranging from nursing fundamentals to nursing research and this site will easily become one of your favorites!
  4.  Quibblo is another site where you can find free review questions. There aren’t many questions here but the author of the post describes the questions as similar to the items they had on the NCLEX. So if you only have time for a short review this site may be one you want to visit!
  5. Nursinglink is another site that has a nice selection of quizzes. Here you can answer questions about communicable diseases, math and dosage calculation questions, and other generic NCLEX questions. There are 9 separate quizzes for a pretty comprehensive review.

Tune in next week when we look at the free apps you can find to help you prepare for the NCLEX!