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Free NCLEX Review Resources: Apps (Part 3)

Welcome to the second week in this series of posts called Free NCLEX Review Resources.  As a nurse health writer/researcher, I’m always looking for free nursing related resources.

Over the past month, I’ve spent several hours searching through podcasts, nursing websites, and nursing/medical apps. I admit I was a bit surprised at how appropriate the quizzes, apps, and podcasts were for nursing students and recent graduate nurses preparing for the NCLEX.

Preparing for the NCLEXIf you are a nursing student or recent nursing school graduate looking for some budget-friendly resources to help you prepare for the NCLEX, bookmark this page so you can easily locate the second post in this series called Free NCLEX Review Resources. For a more comprehensive review combine this post with the previous post, where I listed online websites with a variety of practice quizzes to help you successfully pass the NCLEX.

When I graduated with my BSN in 1996 I bought one NCLEX review book and memorized every item it contained. Back then the only options graduate students had for preparing for the NCLEX were expensive courses, test preparation books, or costly computer programs.

It’s nice to know that today you don’t have to spend a penny to find NCLEX review questions, tests, and preparation material. To make it even more convenient for you, I’ve included all these resources in a series of posts. This week you will find a description of 5 FREE apps you can add to your phone or iPad. All you have to do is download the apps to your portable device for a study guide you can take with you wherever you go.


  1. NCLEX by Ion Citadel, LLC is an app that is continually updated with new items to make sure you receive the most current material, when preparing for the NCLEX. Although the app has 13 sections with a range of 10-264 questions in each section, there are only 3 FREE questions per section. While it’s not a lengthy review, you still get 39 NCLEX preparation questions. The items in this app range from pharmacology and medications to pediatric nursing. Furthermore, the app contains an explanation for each answer, option to bookmark the page, and a statistic page so you can see how well you scored on the quiz. If you like this app you can purchase the entire pack for $2.99.
  2.  Taylor’s Fundamentals of Nursing by Wolters Kluwer Health allows you to create a custom quiz or bookmark a quiz for future use. There are 46 chapters in this app with questions that contain subjects such as self-concept, loss, grief, and dying, hygiene, medications, and rest and sleep. Each quiz allows you to pick and choose what chapters you want to include in a 50 item quiz. There is a rationale for each answer and a statistic page to give you an idea of how many questions you answered correctly. The statistic page also shows you the mean time you spent on each question.
  3. NCLEX-RN Mini Qbank by Kaplan Medical Education is designed so you can create a test, view your score, or view your overall progress for FREE! You can build your own timed test or browse through the app on tutor mode. Simply choose how many questions you want to include in the quiz, from a range of 1 to 182 items. For each test, you can review the explanation for the correct answer on the exam. Furthermore, the menu allows you to get a detailed analysis of how well you preformed on the exam.
  4. Saunders Mobile Review Question by Elsevier, Inc. gives you a question pool of 25 items. You can decide whether you want the shuffle or study mode. If you select the study mode, after you answer the question and hit the submit tab you will be provided with the correct answer and rationale to each question. With the study mode off you can answer all 25 items and then view your results when you finish the quiz.
  5. Lippincott’s Q&A Review for NCLEX by Wolters Kluwer Health offers you the option to browse all questions or view each question by subject matter. This app contains 40 chapters that include a wide variety of topics such as the birth experience, the neonatal client, the child with cardiovascular health problems, introduction to nursing care of the adult client, and the client with endocrine health problems. Best of all, the Lippincott app contains 1,000 questions–making it the most extensive of the apps I reviewed. You can turn on the reference mode if you want to automatically see the correct response as you work through the practice exam. However, when you are ready to test your knowledge just turn off the reference mode and shuffle the questions. After you take the exam you’ll find a cumulative statistics page where you can see how well you performed.

These 5 apps are easy to download to your iPhone or iPad providing you with  instant access to NCLEX preparation material on your favorite mobile device. So the next time you are sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting in the check-out line, or working out at the gym you can make use of that time by browsing through these great resources. Tune in next week when we will look at FREE podcasts you can download to iTunes!