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Nursing Programs in Minnesota

Nursing Jobs in Minnesota (Outlook)

What nurse wouldn’t want a job in the world renowned Mayo Clinic that is located in Rochester, Minnesota. With great nursing schools in Minnesota like the University of Minnesota Rochester, it stands as a great choose for individuals to pursue their nursing education.

The demand for nurses is expected to continue to grow due to the current development and expansion of the healthcare industry in the state.

Quick Minnesota Nursing Facts

  • There are currently 47 accredited nursing programs in Minnesota
  • Over 112,000 certified nurses in the state
  • Experienced a 13% growth in nursing salaries
  • The state continues to experience huge growth for graduating nurses

Top Nursing Schools in Minnesota


Minnesota Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 56,660
Hourly Average Wage: $35.70
Yearly Average Wage: $74,250

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 18,80
Hourly Average Wage: $19.09
Yearly Average Wage: $39,700

Top Nursing Employers in Minnesota

  1. Saint Mary’s Hospital
  2. University of Minnesota Medical Center
  3. Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  4. Saint Cloud Hospital
  5. Hennepin County Medical Center

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