how much do medical assistants make

How Much Do Medical Assistants Make

How to Determine a Medical Assistant Salary in the United States

Nearly every field has some factor that affects the salary on an annual basis. A medical assistant’s salary is no different. Skill level and experience affects salary, location affects salary, and so does the much do medical assistants make

For example, the top 10 percent of the medical assisting field will get paid more than the bottom 10 percent of the field. If you’re located in an area with a high cost of living, you’re likely to get a higher medical assisting salary also. You need to check all possible scenarios to determine why your salary is higher or lower than expected when offered a position. Here are some criteria that may affect the salary rate and how you might compensate to increase your salary in your favor.

Education Level
Every medical assistant must graduate from an accredited medical assisting program to receive a competitive salary. The school should be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education program. Graduating from reputable schools may also improve the salary of a medical assistant. These students are also less likely to be sitting around waiting for a job after graduation. Always consider education level when considering your salary and a job in the medical field.

Certification is not mandatory, but it can be a selling point in terms of getting a higher medical assistant salary. Most certified medical assistants will also get paid faster. Certification is worth the expense, and it’s easy to obtain. Every medical assistant should have a goal to get certified before practicing in their given field.

A new hire medical assistant can expect a starting pay of up to $27,000 USD annually. With experience ranging from one year to four years, medical assistants can expect to earn $28,500 annually. Medical assistants with five to nine years will get paid at least $31,000. Between 10 and 19 years of experience will earn approximately $32,500 annually. Medical assistants with greater than 20 years of experience can expect to be paid $36,000 annually.

Different industries or employers will pay more or less depending on the type of environment where they will perform their duties. For instance, dentist offices or clinics may pay more. In fact, the typical pay is $34,800. Hospitals and general medical will pay up to $31,000, and out-patient centers will pay up to 30,400. Physicians offices will pay up to $29,800.

Medical assistants may be paid differently based upon the state that they are located in while performing the job. Some areas have a higher cost of living in America. Medical assistants in these areas will be paid more. Big cities typically pay more than small cities for the exact same job because it typically costs more to live in the city. A medical assistant in Ohio may be paid $35,800. By contrast, the average annual medical assistant salary of a medical assistant residing in Maine is paid $28,600.

How Much Do Medical Assistants Make in a Year? – Sate By State Salary

Alabama: $39,000
Alaska: $29,000
Arizona: $32,000
Arkansas: $38,000
California: $41,000
Colorado: $34,000
Connecticut: $44,000
Delaware: $34,000
Florida: $36,000
Georgia: $44,000
Hawaii: $24,000
Idaho: $26,000
Illinois: $43,000
Indiana: $37,000
Iowa: $37,000
Kansas: $35,000
Kentucky: $33,000
Louisiana: $33,000
Maine: $34,000
Maryland: $39,000
Massachusetts: $46,000
Michigan: $39,000
Minnesota: $33,000
Mississippi: $40,000
Missouri: $37,000
Montana: $34,000
Nebraska: $28,000
Nevada: $30,000
New Hampshire: $38,000
New Jersey: $41,000
New Mexico: $34,000
New York: $46,000
North Carolina: $36,000
North Dakota: $34,000
Ohio: $37,000
Oklahoma: $35,000
Oregon: $36,000
Pennsylvania: $37,000
Rhode Island: $35,000
South Carolina: $37,000
South Dakota: $29,000
Tennessee: $35,000
Texas: $37,000
Utah: $30,000
Vermont: $34,000
Virginia: $38,000
Washington: $39,000
West Virginia: $36,000
Wisconsin: $34,000
Wyoming: $32,000
Washington DC: $48,000
* Average Medical Assistant Salary in USD as of May 2014

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