Medical Assistant Exam Preparation

Graduating from a medical assistant training program is a commendable milestone but even so, you must become certified to get a smooth landing on your job prospect. Whatever you heard is true; most potential employers won’t look at your application twice if you’re not a certified medical assistant.

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However, in order to become a certified medical assistant, you must pass the medical assistant exam. Hence, it is only rational that with the medical assistant exam around the corner, preparation should be your utmost priority. On the bright side, there will be sufficient time for you to prepare yourself for success. Just don’t procrastinate until the last minute. In case you’re wondering how to get the job done, stick to the following methods and you will see the light on the other side. Now let’s get started, shall we?

Medical Assistant Exam Preparation

Make a Study Timetable

After you’ve applied for the exam, the next thing on your checklist should be to make a study timetable. Realistically speaking, how much time can you set aside for a day to study? Even if you’re on a tight work schedule, at least 2 hours a day is sufficient.

Rather than studying helter-skelter, developing a study timetable will give you a sense of direction. Remember, that 2 hours a day is equal to 14 hours of study a week; give or take 2 hours on Sunday or whichever day you want a break. In that regards, if the exam is 2 or 3 months later, you will have refreshed all the medical assistant content that you learned in your training program.

Find the Right Study Materials

Why fish with a hook when you can use a net? Instead of just reading the notes that you wrote during your training program, you can also utilize academic journals, magazines and health books related to medical assistance. If you’re unsure about the topics you should cover, you can confirm with the certifying board that will administer your medical assistant exam. For instance, if you’re doing the CMA exam, you can check up with the AAMA for a test outline of what you should expect.

Additionally, you can use flashcards to memorize medical vocabularies in conjunction with your study resources.

 Attend Assessment Classes

Sometimes studying alone isn’t enough especially when there are topics you don’t fully understand. Attending an assessment class would give you an opportunity to ask those questions and get clarity. Thanks to the internet, you can even attend a CMA or RMA exam assessment class online without physically meeting your instructor.

Alternatively, you can join study groups if possible. Furthermore, it is easier to memorize information when you share it with a study group. However, it is more effective to attend review classes or study groups after you’ve given yourself time to study personally.

Take Practice Exams

What better way to know if you’re ready than self-evaluating through practice exams? Apparently, there are online mock exams that mimic the medical assistant exam. Just one thing; make sure the practice exams you’re taking are approved by the certifying board that will administer the exam. For example, if you’re chasing CMA credentials, you should partake in a mock test that follows the AAMA guidelines.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking RMA credentials, your mock exam should match up to the AMT format. In that perspective, the RMA mock test should have at least 210 questions and a minimum pass rate of 70 percent. Moreover, the CMA mock exam should include 200 questions with a minimum pass score of 430 points.

The more you pass the mock test, the higher your chances of passing the actual medical assistant exam. If you find yourself failing a few questions, make sure you revise the sub-sections that you failed to answer.

Calm Down Your Nerves

It may seem obvious but a lot of candidates fail the medical assistant exam due to test anxiety. A simple thing like getting sufficient sleep and eating a well-balanced diet before the exam could help come down your nerves. Not to mention, avoid drinking too much coffee prior to the exam. It is also important to balance your study schedule and recreational activity.

Otherwise, don’t cram the night before the exam. It is better to postpone your exam appointment than to show up unprepared. But if you’re ready, make sure you arrive at the exam center at least 30 minutes earlier before your appointment. Remember, arriving a few minutes late after the scheduled time can lead to your medical assistant exam getting canceled until further notice. Don’t forget to carry all the necessary documents or you won’t be allowed to sit for the exam.

In case you want to reschedule your exam appointment, it is recommended you communicate to the exam center a few days in advance or else you will end up re-applying and re-paying the application fees.