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Models of Criminal Theory Every Law Enforcement Trainee Should Know

law enforcement training

There is no one prevailing criminal justice theory dominating the United States. Several models exist, each attempting to define why some individuals become “deviant” and others do not. Each theory intends to explain criminal behavior, though some may hold more weight than others. Regardless, each of these different perspectives lends …

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10 Careers in Law Enforcement You May not Have Considered

Careers in Law Enforcement

If you are thinking about a job in the criminal justice field, here are several careers in law enforcement you may want to consider. TSA Screener TSA screeners work in airports and are responsible for keeping passengers safe while waiting for their plane to take off and during their flight. They do …

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Women in Law Enforcement: The Gender Divide Continues, but with Slow Improvement

women in law enforcement

How many women in law enforcement have you seen in your local town or city over the last decade? No doubt you’ve noticed that women are usually in the minority when it comes to working as police officers or working in security. Even though they’ve held a few positions in …

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Law Enforcement Careers for 2015: The Surprising Categories Where You Could Thrive

law enforcement careers

Law enforcement careers have become more expansive in recent years as the need for security and keeping order in unique places increases. In an earlier time in America, law enforcement was more or less limited to working only for your local police department. Also, professions like detectives seemed designed more …

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What You Need To Know About US Marshal


A US Marshal helps to uphold the federal justice system.  You need to be a US citizen with verifiable credentials. Your age must be between 21 and 36 years, and you should have a Bachelor’s degree. Here are more details on requirements for US marshals: Requirements for US marshals are …

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Body Cameras for Police Officers – Will It Create Trust?

Are Police Body Cameras the Answer? Having a career as a police officer is challenging enough without being questioned about your actions leading up to an arrest. In the event of an officer shooting, if there are no witnesses, it is the officer’s word against the victim or victim’s family. …

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What is Takes To Be a A US Marshal – Land Your Dream Job

How To Become A US Marshal

Is this a career you are considering? The US Marshals Service is the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the US. A career as a US marshal is something that appeals to a lot of people. The role is quite diverse, from providing security for the federal judiciary to shielding …

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Fingerprint Analyst: A Career that Leaves a Print

Fingerprint Analyst: A Career that Leaves a Print Opportunity is substantial in the field of criminal justice as it houses a plethora of interesting career options. Of the many unique criminal justice jobs, a fingerprint analyst is a well sought after position in the forensic science industry. Fingerprint analysts examine, …

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Top Crime Scene Investigator Salary By Region

crime scene investigator salary

Crime Scene Investigator Salary… In order to ensure long-term success as a crime scene investigator, it’s helpful to have an understanding how the job market operates in different regions of the country. Some of the best states for being employed as a criminal scene investigator include New Jersey, Delaware, California, …

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Law Enforcement Careers – Choose The Right One

Law Enforcement

Is A Law Enforcement Degree Right For You? Law enforcement degrees have become an increasingly popular choice for those interested in criminal justice and the chance of having a fulfilling and rewarding, lifelong career. As society becomes more technologically advanced, the need for a more sophisticated law enforcement system has …

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