Job Search Tips

Shifting Yourself Into Job Search Mode

Your job doesn’t begin when you’re hired. Your job begins when you start looking for your job. At least that is how you should look at it, if you’re serious about landing a serious job. You have to buy in to the job search process in order to ensure you get what you want in a timely manner.

So start your job search at 8 each morning and work at it until 5 each evening, taking time off only for lunch. You can certainly afford to put as much time and effort into finding the right job as you’re going to put into the job. Your future really does depend to a great deal on the results of your job search.

You can manage your job search just like you manage any other work project. Set up timelines and goal charts or do a project management flow chart. Make yourself reach daily job search goals. This is a very important work project, so treat it with all of the seriousness it deserves.

This is an opportunity to sharpen your self-discipline. Be responsible to yourself. Don’t give yourself excuses. Make sure you’re meeting your projections. Evaluate what has been working and what isn’t working on a weekly basis. Tweak your approach to improve your results. Cut waste. If there are things taking up too much of your time without much hope of finding you a job, replace them with the more productive activities with a better chance of success in landing you the job you want.

Job Search Tips

If you have to, go ahead and write up reports and evaluations on yourself. Do whatever it takes to manage yourself to success. You’re your own career manager. Push yourself to success.

So start the next week with an even better plan for your job search with a better task list and a better set of goals. You should be able to be more specific about setting realistic goals as each week passes. You know what is working and what isn’t working and how long each activity should take. So plan and act accordingly.

You’re probably getting the idea now. Job searches no longer consist of sending out a few resumes and waiting to hear back for an interview or two, then choosing which job you want to take. In the modern, competitive job marketplace, it can take months of concerted effort to find the right job. The less aggressively you approach it, the more quickly your ideal career prospects fade. So you must shift yourself into job search mode full-time and make constant revisions in strategy to get the best results. This is your competitive advantage in a competitive job marketplace.

So what ate the job search tips? Look for the positives in what you’re accomplishing. Look at the search as a learning experience to build confidence and learn. The odds are good you’ll face more job searches during your lifetime, so the skills you learn can pay off for a lifetime, not just in landing a job now.