Job Description

Job descriptions are exactly that… descriptions of jobs. They talk about the ‘what’ of a job. What are the daily activities, what is a real day like, what is a person in that role responsible for. Here you will find job descriptions covering a variety of professions.

Parole Officer Duties: Day-by-Day

Parole Officer Duties

As a parole officer, one has many parole officer duties throughout the day, supervising a list of clients and working with many parties to help their parolee. If you are considering a career as a parole officer, here is what a typical day might look like. A Day in the Life of a …

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What Can A Paralegal Do?

What Does a Paralegal Do

If you have ever interacted with a law office or lawyer, you have mostly likely met or spoken to a paralegal. But what does a paralegal do on a day-to-day basis? How does a paralegal also differ from another? Here’s a summary of their work and their skills. General Duties Across the board, …

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Job Description of a Forensic Psychologist

Job Description of a Forensic Psychologist

Someone commits a horrible crime and gets caught. The question is, why did he do it? Was he insane? Is he able to stand trial? What are the psychological circumstances around the crime. If the court has questions like that and need an expert to inform it, who do they …

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Paralegal: Basic Job Description

Paralegal Job Description

A paralegal works with an attorney, but what makes them different? What duties does a paralegal perform, and how do you become one? Here are some of the most important duties a paralegal would complete, and how to get a job working as one in a law office. Paralegal Job …

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Attorney vs. Lawyer: Different Types Of Lawyers, Unique Careers In Law

different types of lawyers

Different Types Of Lawyers, Unique Careers In Law… Choosing a career in the field of law can be difficult, due to the broad spectrum of careers that are contained with the legal profession. It can be compared to choosing a career in the medical profession. There are many specialties from …

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What Is Takes To Be a Forensic Psychologist: How Long Does It Take?

how to become a forensic psychologist

What Is Takes To Be a Forensic Psychologist… After learning about the exciting field of forensic psychology, the next question that one generally arrives at is that of  wat is takes to be a forensic psychologist. While the educational requirements are fairly stringent, it is most certainly worth it as the …

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The Animal Cop In The 21st Century

how to become an animal cop

What is takes to be an Animal Cop Today… With the advent of television shows centered on animal cops, you may have been touched by scenes of starving horses neglected in a small pasture or an injured dog whose owner won’t take him to a veterinarian or veterinarian assistant. Duties …

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What Is Takes To Be a Private Investigator: Easier Than You Thought

how to become a private investigator salary

What Is Takes To Be a Private Investigator… A career as a private investigator can be an exciting way to help businesses and private individuals alike learn the truth about a particular set of circumstances. If you like working behind the scenes to uncover information, this could be a perfect …

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As US Secret Service Requirements Stiffen, Salary Goes Up

secret service requirements

Secret Service Requirements… If you’re interested in a unique law enforcement career that will allow you to interact with dignitaries and high-ranking government officials, the United States Secret Service might be right for you. US Secret Service jobs involve more than just providing security, meaning that there are ample opportunities …

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How To Work For The CIA: Careers That Don’t Require You To Kill Your Friends

how to work for the cia

How To Work For The CIA… You’ve likely seen television shows, like Covert Affairs, and movies that depict the flashy and dangerous life of CIA employment, but have you stopped to wonder how to work for the CIA without risking your life daily? There are plenty of CIA careers that …

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