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Nursing Programs in Indiana

Nursing Jobs in Indiana (Outlook)

Indiana is a state that has seen a massive shortage of nurses due to the economic conditions as well as the lack of qualified RN’s available in the state. If you are looking to start your career here, there are over 40 nursing programs available to choose from and a great job outlook from top employers like the St. John’s Health System.

Obtaining a job as a nurse after graduation in Indiana is very obtainable due to the current demand the state needs for qualified nurses.

Quick Indiana Nursing Facts

  • Nearly 40 nursing schools available in Indiana
  • Experiencing a massive nursing shortage
  • The current rate of employment is 57,880
  • Many employers are hiring qualified nurses

Top Nursing Schools in Indiana


Indiana Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 61,150
Hourly Average Wage: $28.08
Yearly Average Wage: $58,410

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 20,500
Hourly Average Wage: $18.71
Yearly Average Wage: $38,910

Top Nursing Employers in Indiana

  1. Resurrection Medical Center
  2. Parkview Hospital
  3. Methodist Hospitals – Northlake Campus
  4. Deaconess Hospital
  5. Clarion Health

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