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Nursing Programs in Idaho

Nursing Jobs in Idaho (Outlook)

Even though Idaho is one of the few states that is not experiencing a shortage of nurses, there are still plenty of nursing jobs available for nurse educators and certified nursing assistant due to the amount of nursing homes and clinics.

Even though the job outlook for nurses is not as in demand as other states, it is still a great state to attend a nursing school with over 12 programs to choose from.

Quick Idaho Nursing Facts

  • Only state to add nursing jobs in hospitals and clinics during the recession
  • Top most demand for qualified nurses and medical staff according to a survey
  • Over 10,500+ nursing jobs in Idaho available
  • Has over a dozen nursing programs in Idaho

Top Nursing Schools in Idaho


Idaho Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 11,660
Hourly Average Wage: $30.13
Yearly Average Wage: $62,670

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 2,850
Hourly Average Wage: $18.60
Yearly Average Wage: $38,690

Top Nursing Employers in Idaho

  1. Saint Luke’s Boise Medical Center
  2. Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
  3. Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
  4. Kootenai Medical Center
  5. Saint Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center

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