How To Work For The CIA: Careers That Don’t Require You To Kill Your Friends

How To Work For The CIA…

You’ve likely seen television shows, like Covert Affairs, and movies that depict the flashy and dangerous life of CIA employment, but have you stopped to wonder how to work for the CIA without risking your life daily? There are plenty of CIA careers that are a bit more calm and appropriate for those seeking a slightly less dangerous lifestyle.

These positions include opportunities such as language interpreters, data analysts and research scientists. In addition to the pride in working for the CIA, the agency tends to pay well with agents and analysts easily making over $50,000 and several positions well over $100,000. If you’re interested in learning how to work for the CIA in one of these positions, keep reading for application and other details.

CIA requirements are strict for all positions so don’t expect that getting a job with the CIA will be quick or easy. In addition to education and experience requirements, the application process itself takes months on end or possibly up to a year to complete. Like many jobs today, the application process begins with an on-line application at When the CIA makes a selection, the applicant progresses through a series of in-depth background searches, tests and even polygraph, or lie detector, tests.

The CIA naturally needs to know more about their employees since they will be granted high-level government security clearances. The agency needs to know that agents are trustworthy, and not likely to reveal sensitive information.

CIA careers generally require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related area with more advanced degree and relevant work experience requirements common for many positions. One important step in researching how to work for the CIA, in a position that is likely to be safer and less dangerous than those depicted in movies, is to check out the current job postings on the CIA website. These will provide information on the various positions and the CIA requirements for hiring into these positions.

No matter what your background is with regards to education and work experience, once you’ve secured a position with the CIA, you will begin official training so that you understand how the agency works and how to work within the agency. From CIA 101, an actual course at CIA University that is required for all CIA new hires, to classes on intelligence, language, weapons and other topics, CIA training is a career-long affair.

Now that you have some information about how to work with the CIA, consider your particular skills, background and experiences; there is a good chance a position exists that matches your skills. Remember, throughout the process that with the CIA, they are looking at each applicant as a whole; not only their professional background but also personal background so that they can determine the best candidates to hire into the agency. Having patience through the long application process should help a good candidate do just fine.

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