How to Work at Home and Make Real Money Part II

Work from Home Opportunities

In this installment of my free information I am giving people on work-at-home opportunities, I will provide a list of 5 good opportunities for you to check out. I have done many of these opportunities myself with a degree of success, and have made real honest money this way.

I no longer do these opportunities because I am a full-time entrepreneur of my own business and spend my time writing for my multiple writing clients and working on my technology projects. But they are good opportunities, so if you do not want to be a true “entrepreneur,” but just want to make a living at home, then this information will help you.

Opportunity #1: This is an opportunity that combines technology with a call center environment to take direct response phone calls from the clients of Fortune 500 companies. The way it works is simple and you are trained from home and work at home. You never have to leave your house. You simply take calls from people who are responding the national roll-out ads and infommercials (such as you see on the Home Shopping Network), etc. but HSN is not one of the ones you’ll take calls from. HSN operates its own call center from Florida. But you will take calls from home, using your landline phone and computer with only an internet connection. It’s easy work if you don’t mind talking to people on the phone all day and you can make from $12-$15 per hour, on average doing this job.

Opportunity #2: This opportunity allows you to train to do customer service and/or sales for companies such as AT & T, helping people choose a cell phone, etc., other companies in the communications industry, insurance industry, travel industry, and more. You work at home with your phone and chat through their dedicated online server. Money to be made is more consistent than many work at home opportunities, because it pays a flat rate based on your performance per week. You usually are guaranteed around 25 hours per week which will net you around $1200 per month if you do the math (rough estimate). It’s a legit, solid opportunity and will provide you with a average full-time income and allow you to work at home.

Opportunity #3: You are familiar with this opportunity, I’m sure. Avon has been around for a long time, giving women a chance to set their own hours and work at home and in their neighborhoods to sell high-quality cosmetics on their own time. They are still around but what you may not know is that they have raised their commission rates so that reps can make more money than they used to. And they have also shifted their sales model to be more focused on online direct sales. When you join them now, you will be given your own sales page where people can contact you online which can create a lot more opportunity and sales for you. Look into this opportunity. The last time I looked into it, they were paying around 25% commission and this rate increases with good performance.

Work from Home Opportunities

Opportunity #4: You know this name and know it well. It is making thousands of people wealthy every day. What distinguishes the regular sellers from the Power sellers? You can find out by going to their site to learn more. You probably have already bought stuff from them. Or perhaps you have sold a few odds and ends from around the house. But, if you want to be a serious seller, you need to establish relationships with some good wholesalers and drop shippers. This way, you will not have to stock inventory and have a lot of upfront expense. You just ship when you make a sale. It’s a highly lucrative opportunity. The key is knowing what to sell and how to price it. You can learn a lot by watching the online videos available on the eBay site.

Opportunity #5: Online writing I make over $3000 per month writing for clients (and that’s not even counting the writing I do for sites such as and Hubpages). I make this money by being a highly specialized writer in the areas of media, technology, and education, since those are my primary areas of expertise. I am a former teacher and own my own technology and media production company so I focus on writing about these areas.

I have worked up to around a $3K per month income and it’s taken me around a year or so to do this. You can make a decent income if you are a pretty good writer. Admittedly, I am a high level writer and have always been a creative writer and am able to crank out articles and blogs pretty fast with very high quality. How much you make is up to your talents, who you write for, and other factors. I plan to produce an audiobook and/or another ebook on this topic soon so check back soon for the link.

In the meantime, if you click on the “online writing link” you’ll see one of the many writing sites I started with. I no longer writer for Textbroker, because I have more lucrative opportunities now but if you are interested in a career in online writer, it is the perfect place to start.

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