How to Make Extra Cash or a Second Income

Extra CashThe current state of the global economy has made it very difficult for people to pay the bills. If your expenditure exceeds your income, you need to make some extra money to address this imbalance. You are certainly not alone, and the competition to find work has rarely been greater. You will have discovered that it is hard to find legitimate online opportunities.

If you are finding it hard to get overtime, an additional part-time job could help you to correct this problem. The good news is that, even in these difficult times, there are ways to make extra cash both online and offline. It is all about knowing where to look and when to apply.

Paid Medical Trials

The big pharmaceutical companies are under a legal obligation to make sure that all of their drugs are properly tested before they can be sold to the American public. If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not give the go ahead, the millions invested in all of the research and development will be wasted. The trials typically include twenty to several hundred people.

This gives you an opportunity to make some money by taking part in clinical trials. Payment ranges from a few hundred dollars for the shorter, simpler trials to several thousand dollars for more complex and involved trials. It is a great option, particularly if you are a student or out of work and need to make some extra money. There may be a company relatively local to you.

Work as a Tutor

In the current economic climate, it is not uncommon to find out that many people have a specific skill or trade that is heavily in demand. Just because certain industries are downsizing doesn’t mean that there is not a demand for a competitively-priced service. In fact, you may be able to make $15 to $50 per hour by working on a self-employed basis.

Are you an expert in a specific school subject, such as maths, English or IT? Can you play the guitar, organ, piano or another musical instrument? If you are a really good poker player, there is a demand for this skill as well. If you want to find some work, either join a freelancing website or place an advert in your local paper. You may be surprised by the demand for your skill.

Sell Unwanted Items on eBay

We all accrue lots of things that we do not want over the years, and it makes sense to sell them to raise some extra money. Things that you can sell include old clothes, DVDs, CDs, computers, old games, ceramics and electronic equipment. Just create your listing and you can reach a massive audience for a minimal fee.

In order to increase the likelihood of a sale, you may wish to use or setup a Paypal account. Do not make the mistake of buying more items on eBay. When you receive the money, make sure that it goes towards paying your bills or is moved to your savings account.

Online Surveys

You know how you spend your money, but companies want to understand what people do with their cash. This creates an opportunity for you to make some extra money to make up to $100 a day for attending a one-day session. You will also find hundreds of online surveys. The latter will not make you rich, but it is extra cash. Do not pay a third party to find you work.

Although it can be tempting, do not give up your day job because you have found a source of online work. These are freelance positions and even the best-paid job can dry up overnight. However, you may be able to find a portfolio of work that provides a nice addition to your monthly wage.