How to impress your new boss

When you start working for a new boss, it’s a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Your new manager has no idea what you are capable of, so it’s the perfect time for you to prove yourself. It’s never too early to start building a positive new relationship, so start as you mean to go on, and use the time to create the right impression. Take decisive action now, and get to work on the following key areas of your performance.


Get the basics right from day one

Very often, the simplest actions make a lasting impression, and there are some workplace behaviors that your boss should take for granted. It’s vital that you look good, turn up on time, and behave professionally.  Get back to basics from day one. Dress smartly, get to work early, and cut out personal calls in office hours. You never know when your new boss is going to walk past, so it’s important that you don’t give him any opportunity to think that you don’t know how to follow the rules.

Focus on delivering immediate results

It doesn’t matter what people say to your new boss, he’s going to form an opinion based on what you do. If you want to impress your boss straight away, then you must deliver immediate results. Focus on a small number of goals that you can quickly and effectively meet. Hit your weekly sales target, cut costs, or acquire some new customers. Choose activities where you can measure the results, so that you can easily communicate your successes. If you make the numbers from day one, you’ll stand out from the crowd, and your boss will soon notice.

Go out of your way

Your new boss wants to know that you are flexible, so find an opportunity to show that you will gladly go out of your way. Offer to work extra hours to write a critical report, or take on a task that isn’t normally your responsibility. If you go beyond the basic requirements of your role, you will prove to your new boss that he can rely on you. You want your boss to know how committed you are to your job, so it’s worth sacrificing some of your personal time in the first few weeks that you work for somebody new.

Show that you understand the bigger picture

It’s not enough to do well in your current role. You need to show your boss that you have a vision for the future, and that you intend to develop your job further. When the opportunity arises, talk to your boss about your long-term plans, and bring your strategic vision to life. Focus on the areas of the business that need attention, and show how your role could make a real difference. Your new boss wants to know that you can drive change through the business, and that you’re not just thinking about today.

Keep your complaints quiet

Some people make the mistake of seeing the arrival of a new boss as an opportunity to resolve old problems. Your new manager is going to have a lot of things to worry about, without having to think about your wish to work part-time or that the coffee machine doesn’t serve the right blend. Make sure that you leave age-old problems to one side, and let your new boss settle in. If you start complaining now, all you will do is gain a reputation for negativity.

The arrival of a new manager offers a unique opportunity to form a valuable relationship, but you don’t have much time. Take time to focus all your efforts on making sure that your boss knows you are excellent at what you do, as quickly as possible. Work hard now, and you’ll quickly see your career prospects improve.

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