How to Graduate in Three Years (or Less…)

Graduating on time is a priority for many students with the price per semester of college rising each year. Graduating early may seem impossible to do, but it can happen if you know how to schedule properly and are determined. Here are a few ways to graduate in three years or less, depending on your degree.

Take Courses Between Semesters

The best way to finish your degree early is to take courses between semesters. This means being completely dedicated to your degree plan, sacrificing most social events, and working through winter and summer breaks. This can be exhausting, but if you’re really motivated and have good study habits, it can be done. If your degree plan takes 8 semesters to complete and is 120 credits total, taking two or three classes during those breaks will ultimately lead to completing 8 semesters of work in 6 semesters.

Take More Courses Than Required Each Semester

This is in relation to the paragraph above. Most colleges have a maximum amount of credits each student can take per semester. If you speak to your school’s counselor or enrollment department, they may be able to let you take an extra course. You usually have to demonstrate that you can handle the load before they will let you take more than the required number of courses. This means you may have to complete a semester or two before you can attempt this feat.

Graduating early may seem like a pipe dream, but it can be done if you take courses between semesters (winter and summer breaks) and if you can convince your school to let you take more than the allowed credits each semester. Each of these acts will help you earn more credits than you normally would each semester, allowing you to ultimately matriculate earlier than your estimated graduation date (usually four years or two years at a junior college). This requires a lot of time dedicated to studying and can become extremely stressful, but if you have the drive it can be done and you’ll prove to the world that you work under pressure, something many jobs require.

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