How to Elegantly End a Job Interview Session?

Many people don’t know how to properly end an interview and when interviewers ask them if they have any questions, interviewees would simply say “No”. We could have spent nearly 30 minutes for the interview session to let employers whether we fit into their organization. We should have a few things to ask in return and when we are given the opportunity to ask something, then it’s necessary to use the opportunity properly. Because this is a cue that the interview session is about to end, we should ask ourselves, whether we have done enough and made good first impression. We should consider that last few minutes of an interview session as the opportunity to summarize everything. To show our interest on the offered position, we should definitely ask the interviewers.

How we end the interview session can be unique, but each word we say should strongly describe our unique values and qualifications. We should indirectly imply that we are the last candidate available that the company should interview, because we are the perfect individual for this position. We should show the future employer that we are motivated, are qualified and have demonstrated successes in previous employments. With positive attitude and enthusiasm, we may want to remembered and the employer may in fact feel excited about the prospect of us joining their team.

During a job interview, we should deliver these positive attributes with assertiveness and then conclude everything with firm handshake, eye contact and friendly smile. This alone could leave a good impression among the hiring staff. We should compare this exit strategy with things we have done during previous interview sessions. Both first and last impressions are essential. We could observe how marketers create advertisements on TV and think about how the market those products. They usually show something unique or interesting in the beginning to really catch our attention. During the last few seconds, we could see those products up close, in their polished and cleanest form. When performed carefully, marketers can imprint the brand on our brain to etch memorable, lasting image. Job seekers should do no less during an interview session.

We could borrow the idea of product marketing and sell ourselves like in those TV ads. During job hunts, we are the actual product and companies are seeking to invest by “acquiring” us. Almost no customers would walk into a store and immediately grab a pair of shoes. We would discuss with the clerk for color, desired price range, size, brand and others. This could involve many questions before we come to the final decision. Each bit of question and information brings us closer to what we really want when we buy a pair of shoes. Eventually, we could choose a few candidates that may match our requirements. In job interview sessions, we are among those shoes in the store and hiring staff are the buyers. The company has specific requirements for future employees and it tries to gather enough information to find the perfect “shoes”. The interviewer simply wades through hundreds of shoes in the store to choose a pair that match their criteria.

Even before the interview session begins, we should carefully consider how we should end it. One good practice is to try to ensure ourselves how much a perfect fit we are. If we are a perfect fit, we should make sure that we have every qualification that the company is asking. 18 out of 20 requirements (90 percent) should be adequate to ensure an immediate employment. Another thing to consider is how many areas we should emphasize about ourselves. They should address any exposed weaknesses and make our strengths stand out. If the company is currently facing a challenge or important project, we should be able to ensure that we have the capability to offer significant contribution. A good way to conclude a job interview sessions is to emphasize our skills and attributes to new information that company provides us, such as job descriptions and expected roles.

Because the most attractive gifts are typically wrapped in gift paper, we should wrap the interview in a way that the interviewer will see us as a good candidate. Finally, once we say “Well… that is all the questions I need to ask” and thank the hiring staff for the interview; we could get up confidently, shake hands and leave the room.