How To Change Careers?

Simple Career Change Strategies

It is not unusual in modern society to take try out different careers. It is now estimated that the average individual will try out seven different careers over the course of life. So you’re not unusual or alone if you want to make a career change now and then. Many people have enjoyed new careers at all different points in their lives.

How To Change Careers? Take a look at these simple strategies for a career change:


Strategy 1

Don’t quit your present job. You may be able to work as a low paid intern to get exposure and learn about a new career while a potential new employer learns about you. There are a lot more opportunities available for internships than for full-time jobs. Such internships usually have more flexible hours, so you can fit those hours around your current work schedule.

Strategy 2
If the new career you want is in a company that has a job opening for your current type of work, you can apply at that company to work in your current career field. Once you’ve established yourself in that company, it will be much easier to apply to transfer to a new career path within that company. It is important that you network broadly in the new company so people throughout the company will know you and like you in the department you want to move to and will provide you valuable references from the department you’re moving from.

Strategy 3
Further your education. Depending on the type of career change you’re making, this may require formal education, on the job training, or vocational education. You may need to pass a certification exam too. In such situations, it is important to do your research and if possible talk with an education or career counselor.

how to change careers

Strategy 4
If your new career would provide you with flexible work hours and can be worked in with your present career, a popular option these days is to work two careers at the same time. A lot of people really enjoy doing this. It can also help you save up a lot of money.

Strategy 5
If you already have the connections, training, or experience to make a move, you can simply begin applying for jobs in your new career now. This is the easiest option with the most flexibility for a smooth transition. If it is taking you a while to get the new job, consider joining industry groups and clubs to improve your network.

You’ll need to choose the strategy that is appropriate for you to make the transition you want to make. It is important to get all of the information you can about the career you want to move into so you’ll have a clear idea about how to make that choice. Stay patient as you evaluate your skills and any steps you need to take to get into the career you want.